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How to Care for Your Skin in Winter

How to Care for Your Skin in Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but not always for your skin! While we love the cosiness of winter, DecemBRRR brings more than just a change to your wardrobe. With less moisture in the air, it’s a time when pesky skin problems often appear – from dry, flakey skin to chapped lips, cracked hands, and increased sensitivity. 

Staying moisturised is extra-important during the colder months, but that’s not all you need to consider when planning your winter skin care routine…

The change of the season doesn’t have to be stressful on you or your skin – as long as you create a game plan. So, to keep your skin healthy and hydrated and maintain that sun-kissed summer glow, here are some tips on how to best care for your skin during winter. Grab a cup of cocoa and a blankie and settle in for some essential reading!

1. Exfoliate 

When going from indoor heating to the harsh, cold air outside, it’s easy for your skin to dehydrate. To avoid a dead skin pile-up, or if you’ve noticed your skin looks dull or irritable, try exfoliating! Which, by the way, is something you should already be doing all year round.

As for why it’s extra-important in winter, did you know that dead skin cells and a build-up of dirt and grime block moisture from live skin cells that need it? Scrubbing your body once or twice a week will remove the top layer of dead skin, even out your skin tone, and help your moisturiser absorb more effectively. So don’t skip it!

Winter Skin Care Tip: Make sure not to rub too hard. Instead, apply your body scrub slowly and gently. If you have very sensitive or broken skin, you may wish to avoid exfoliants or opt for an ultra-mild formula.


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2. Use Lip Scrubs and Balms

Itchy, chapped lips are the bane of everyone’s existence in the winter. So treat your pout to some cool weather care by keeping lip scrubs and balms at the ready! 

Unlike your skin, your lips don’t produce natural oils – and they have the double drying whammy of being exposed to the elements 24/7. Because of this, they tend to dry out faster than the rest of our bodies. Thankfully, some gentle scrubbing will get rid of dead cells, giving your lips a smooth, dewy glow-up.

Use a lip scrub once or twice a week, then apply some lip balm to protect and seal in moisture. We recommend starting by exfoliating once a week to prevent possible irritation.

3 step winter skincare routine

3. Take Shorter Showers

There’s nothing better than a steaming shower or hot bubble bath after a long winter day. However, this lovely relief comes with a price as the heat from the water dries out your skin. This strips it of its natural essential oils, which leads to flakiness, dryness, inflammation, and other potential issues. That hot tub’s not looking so hot now, is it? 

To keep your skin happy, try sticking with lukewarm or cool water and shaving a few minutes off your shower time. As part of your winter skin routine, don’t forget to grab a nourishing shower gel either! Using shower gels instead of soap gives your skin an extra boost and feels oh-so-indulgent.

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder, check out our cruelty-free, vegan Smoothie Shower Gel. We created it using pH-balancing prebiotics, which up your microbiome-friendly bacteria while strengthening your skin's barrier to maintain a goddess-like glow. Plus the incredible tropical scents will have you dreaming of your next summer vacay.

4. Invest in a Humidifier

The air may be dry outside, but inside your home, it doesn’t have to be! A humidifier increases the humidity in the air so that your skin will lose less moisture. Simply running the humidifier overnight or during the day will leave your bod feeling more supple.

Not only does it nurture your skin, but a humidifier will also help soothe your throat and reduce irritation in your nose.


before after


5. Moisturise!

Whether your skin is oily or dry, the brisk air can (and often will) wreak havoc. So keep your skin softer than a baby’s bottom with a nourishing dose of moisturisation! Finding the right moisturiser for your cool weather skin care routine will lock in moisture and help prevent your skin from becoming flaky. 

While it’s better to use lighter creams in summer, winter requires something heavier. Make sure to apply your product throughout the day, after showering, or after washing your hands. Putting on cream while your skin is still damp will help with absorption. 

Winter Skin Care Tip: Keep a travel-size moisturiser in your purse or car so you can hydrate and nourish whenever you feel the need.

6. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer, people! Protection from the sun should always be a part of your skin care routine – even during the colder months. No matter what time of year, our skin gets damaged whenever we go outside without proper protection. And while those burning UVB rays may be lower in winter, the same can’t be said for UVA.

Responsible for premature ageing, these longer wavelength rays are present at consistent levels all year round. But don’t stress – applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will keep our epidermal layers nice and safe from the sun’s rays.


Body moisture whip


7. Drink More Water and Eat Right

Not only do you need to hydrate the outside of your body, but it pays to take care of the inside too! During summer, our bodies naturally crave water because of the heat. However, in winter, we love to snuggle up with a warm hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. It can be easy to forget about humble H20 – but it’s important not to.

Drinking water and eating healthy, delicious meals year-round will keep your skin and whole body healthy. Things like simple carbs and sugars can stimulate reactions that cause breakouts, too. So look at what’s on your plate and in your glass and ask yourself if you’re doing your skin any favours.

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Make sure to take a break from tight hairstyles, at least for a while. We know that sleek hairstyles are super popular, but for those of us prone to a painful scalp and hair follicles that hurt, those updos are a major don’t. 


Edited by: Pip Jarvis and Iris

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