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Why Our Shampoo & Conditioner Had A 47,000 Person Waitlist – And Why It's A Sell Out

Why Our Shampoo & Conditioner Had A 47,000 Person Waitlist – And Why It's A Sell Out

In our 3 years since launching, we’ve seen customers go bananas over a bunch of new Coco & Eve prods. We’re used to our new arrivals having super-long waitlists (and selling out in days) – but we were still TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the response to our hotly anticipated Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner!

Launched just 3 weeks ago, the latest additions to our Like A Virgin haircare line had our biggest waitlist ever – and the launch has created a MAJOR media buzz. (Special shoutout to the girls at Glamour for their amazing reviews!)

Don’t see how a humble shampoo and conditioner could deserve so much hype? Read on. Here are just some of the reasons our new Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner had a 47,000-person waitlist – and sold out in 48 hours! 


They’re full of goodness, free from nasties

Many mass-produced shampoos cleanse with drying detergents called sulfates, while conditioners often coat hair in heavy silicones to create that softness and shine. Ours don’t. Instead, we rely on the superpowers of Balinese botanicals and strand-saving active ingredients that, quite simply, work. 

Free from sulfates, silicones and parabens, our 100% vegan cleansing-and-conditioning duo is bursting with nourishing, strengthening ingredients, like coconut, avocado, pea protein and plant oils – plus a hyaluronic acid powerblend that delivers a hydration hit like no other.

Our shampoo cleanses like a dream – without dehydrating strands & stripping colour

So, how does a shampoo that’s free from drying, irritating sulfates create such a rich, dreamy lather? It’s all down to our beautiful botanical blend of natural soap nut, antibacterial coconut oil and micro-exfoliating fruit enzymes (hey there, pineapple!). 

Our shampoo uses a unique triple cleansing formula to gently but oh-so thoroughly cleanse the scalp and strands. Removing dirt, oils, dead skin cells and product build-up, it leaves you with a fresher-than-fresh sensation, without stripping your hair of precious moisture. Or fading out that expensive colour job. Clever, huh?

Our conditioner softens hair AND reduces damage by 65% 

Twice as thick as a regular conditioner, the Super Hydrating Conditioner instantly detangles strands for less breakage. Softening curls, kinks, waves and poker-straight locks, our formula is mega moisturising – without robbing you ‘do of beautiful volume.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamins to increase shine by up to 46%, the fortifying formula helps to seal unsightly split ends, while pea proteins repair and reduce damage by 65%. Simply use each time you shampoo for soft, manageable, silky-smooth strands. 

Nothing else hydrates hair like this dream duo!

ALL hair types need hydration, and the Like A Virgin Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner bring hydration with a capital H. As well as a bounty of botanical ingredients that transform locks from the inside out, our formulas harness ResistHyalTM technology to replenish dull, thirsty strands.

A powerblend of hyaluronic acid (everyone’s favourite moisture-binding ingredient), ResistHyalTM hydrates hair like nobody’s business. Brittle strands and frizz? You’ve met your match!

They deliver amazing results for ALL hair types

Our new prods are amazing for all hair types. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these ah-mane-zing before and afters from a bunch of C&E babes!


They smell un-BALI-evable!

The little things matter, and our high-performance products are about the sensory experience as much as the results. You’ll therefore find our velvety formulas are packed with that iconic coconut and fig scent. Lather up, take a deep breath, and be transported to an exotic far-flung paradise!

The media went cocoNUTS

As well as some glowing words from Glamour, the new Super Hydrating range has had load of support in the media. Check out what you mag, The Sun and The Daily Mail had to say. Seriously you guys, we’re blushing ☺.


It’s all thanks to YOU!

While we love creating game-changing products, we couldn’t do it without support from our loyal Coco & Eve fans. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the super-positive response to the launch and wanted to extend a huge thank you! We love you guys! #grateful #blessed

Missed out? We’ll be back!

If you missed out on bagging our shampoo and conditioner first time round, don’t despair.  We’re working hard on the restock and expect to be able to start shipping these beauties again from mid-July. To make sure yours lands on your doormat ASAP, sign up for our waitlist below!

Don't miss our restock: Waitlist Now



Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Vidhya


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PAYDAY SALE: Up to 50% OFF bestsellers! Why Our Shampoo & Conditioner Had A 47,000 Person Waitlist – And Why It's A Sell Out
03 Jul, 2021

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