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Why is Sunny Honey the Best Self Tanner on the Market?

Why is Sunny Honey the Best Self Tanner on the Market?

Looking for the best self-tanner to perfect that holiday glow at home? Look no further than Sunny Honey, sugar. With a bottle of our new Bali Bronzing Foam sold every 30 seconds, and our Bali Bronzing Bundle selling out in just 14 days, it’s time to get the glow down on the tanning world’s hottest innovation. 

Read on to discover why Sunny Honey’s so good it’s sold out three times – and darn near broke the internet!

Anti-Orange Technology 

We hate to see good tans happen to bad people, so we spent over a year getting it right! The result is our unique anti-orange, colour-correcting formula. Packed with natural ingredients that work WITH your skin tone, Sunny Honey has a green-grey base that gives you a natural-looking, honey-dipped hue. Every single time. 

With other fake tans, you can go orange or muddy-looking if you leave your tan on too long, choose a shade that’s too dark, or apply too much. This just won’t happen with Sunny Honey, for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, it’s fast-developing, meaning you can wash it off after 2 hours. But if you really want to max out your tan, you can let it develop for 8 hours (or overnight!), with zero risk of ending up orange. Secondly, Sunny Honey comes in Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark, so you can pick the right shade for your complexion. The bronzing foam Is also tinted, so you’ll see where you’ve been and avoid over-application. 

Anti-Ageing Ingredients

Most fake tans just tan, but with Sunny Honey we wanted to do so much more. Healthy skin really brings out the best in your tan – so we set ourselves a formulating challenge. The result is the first EVER self-tanner to reduce the appearance of ageing, blur pigmentation and directly attack cellulite!

A self-tanning game changer, Sunny Honey treats the skin with a cocktail of targeted skincare ingredients for hydration, anti-ageing, firming, anti-pigmentation and more! Enriched with nourishing mandarin and coconut oil, plus natural antioxidants from fig, banana, papaya and cocoa, our Bali Bronzing Foam helps boost skin hydration and reduces signs of ageing. What a honey!

Colour Guide Formula

The secret to an even, streak-free tan? Sunny Honey’s Colour Guide technology. Our lightweight, non-sticky Bali Bronzing Foam is tinted, so you can easily see where you’ve applied it, any spots you’ve missed and where it needs more blending. The guide colour can be washed away after 2 hours, and your tan will keep developing up to your ideal shade. 


Our formula is also quick-dry, non-sticky and – most importantly – transfer-free, so you can jump straight into bed after tanning*. Sunny Honey won’t rub off on your sheets, your SO or your furry friend. 


(*We recommend waiting 30 mins.)

ZERO Biscuit Smell

Most fake tans stink, thanks to tanning agent Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). A chemical reaction occurs when DHA comes into contact with amino acids on the skin. While this causes the desired darkening, it unfortunately also results in that telltale biscuit smell.

To bypass this pong problem, we created the world’s first 100% natural DHA(!). Instead of overpowering baked goods, Sunny Honey has a tropical Balinese mango and guava scent that’s so delicious, you’ve asked for it in perfume form!

No Nasties, Just Natural Tropical Balinese Goodness

Instead of nasties and indecipherable ingredients, we’ve packed Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam with a lagoon-full of natural ingredients to enhance – not harm – your skin. There are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicon or toxins; just lush, skin-loving tropical Balinese ingredients like mango, guava, cocoa and papaya. In other words, everything you need for those island holiday feels!

We love our furry friends, and Sunny Honey is also vegan-friendly and 100% cruelty-free.

Anti-Cellulite Technology

Not only is Sunny Honey anti-ageing, it’s also anti-cellulite! Infused with raw virgin coconuts, botanicals and amino acids, our unique CellushapeTM formula helps promote a smooth, firm, bod. Developed after extensive research into the action of free radicals, CellushapeTM boasts powerful active ingredients to help restore cell activity, delay ageing and increase caffeine’s lipolytic effects, thereby helping to remove cellulite. 

In a clinical test** 73% of volunteers reported a significant decrease in buttock volume and thigh perimeter!

Imperfection-Blurring Results

As well as giving you a gorgeous glow, Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam helps blur out imperfections. Packed with a pigmentation perfecting trio of botanicals (cocoa, banana and papaya) plus amino acids, Sunny Honey super-charges hydration and helps correct uneven skintone. So it’s perfect for your #nomakeup selfie!


Even Fade

Thanks to our high quality, skin-loving ingredients, a Sunny Honey tan lasts for 5-7 days and fades gradually and super-evenly. Our tip? You can also help prolong the life of your tan by having cooler showers, patting – rather than rubbing – skin dry, avoiding jacuzzis and chlorinated pools and moisturising once or twice daily.

Clever Tools for Expert Application

The best fake tan requires a pro application, and our Bali Bronzing Bundle has two expert tools – plus our cult tanning foam – in one convenient kit.  Selling out within 14 days of our August launch, it includes: Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, plus a deluxe vegan kabuki brush and hypoallergenic self-tanning mitt. 

The silky-soft, vegan kabuki brush allows flawless application to those tricky to tan spots – the face, feet, hands and ears. Meanwhile, the velvety mitt ensures a quick and even application everywhere else. With a protective lining, it also prevents tan seeping through and leaving you with dirty-looking palms. 

Have you tried Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam? Do you agree it’s the best self-tanner out there? Leave us a review and let us know your thoughts! 

**15 volunteers, aged 30 -50. Treatment applied twice daily for 28 days on thighs, hips and buttocks. Results reported:
A significant decrease in the volume of the buttocks – 73%:
-0.6% on average (p<0.01) and up to -2.65%
A significant decrease in the perimeter of the thighs – 73%:
-0.5% on average (p<0.01) and up to -1.8%. 


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PAYDAY SALE: Up to 50% OFF bestsellers! Why is Sunny Honey the Best Self Tanner on the Market?
04 May, 2020

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