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Which Sunny Honey shade is right for me?

Which Sunny Honey shade is right for me?

Toned and radiant, with brighter eyes, whiter teeth and sculpted cheekbones – there’s no denying the confidence-boosting power of a good self-tan! But, whether you’re pale, olive or dark-skinned, it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, our ultimate Sunny Honey tan colour guide promises unBALIevable tansformations – for all skin tones. To learn all you need to know about choosing the right self-tan for your skin tone, read on!

If you’re pale or light-skinned…

Think you’re too pale to pull off fake tan? You’re not! Not only can a wash of colour be incredibly flattering, it can also help cancel out any redness. However, extra care does need to be taken when self-tanning pale skin. Not only can a too-dark hue look unnatural, application mistakes are also more obvious. 

The first thing to do to avoid a tanning to-do is selecting a self-tanner that’s specially formulated for pale-medium skins. It might seem tempting to go for broke with a ‘Dark’ or ‘Ultra Dark’ formula, but you’ll regret it – trust us! Tans designed for darker skin tones contain more of the tanning agent DHA, and using too much DHA will result in an unnatural orange or muddy-looking tan. Not a good look!

Make sure you mitt-up (there’s a handy applicator mitt in our Bali Bronzing Bundle) to avoid those tell-tale palms. And, if you’re a goldilocks? Clip back your hair and protect your hairline and brows with a touch of moisturiser. 

Go for: A tanner designed for fairer skins. In Sunny Honey, this means choosing ‘Medium’ – our lightest option. To avoid missing any spots, a self-tanner with a guide colour is a game-changer – especially for light skins! Formulated with colour guide technology, Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam’s visible bronzers ensure a flawless, even application. Every time. 

Avoid: Choosing a formula for darker skin, applying too much product, or leaving your self-tanner on longer than recommended. If using Sunny Honey, we suggest rinsing off after two hours on the first application. While true pale skin (of the red hair and freckles variety) typically has pink undertones, those with light skin but yellowy tones should also steer clear of red-based tanners which can end up slightly orange.

If you’re olive or medium-skinned…

Self-tanning olive and medium-hued skin is less tricky, and you can pretty much opt for anything from a ‘Medium-Dark’ to ‘Ultra Dark’ formula. However, you should make sure you’re happy with the colour by doing a patch test first. And this actually applies to all skin tones. 

We know, we know. Patch testing can be a pain when you want instant results – but it’s always a good idea! Not only will it ensure you’re happy with your colour before self-tanning from head to toe, it’ll indicate if you have an allergy or intolerance to any of the ingredients. 

To bring out the natural beauty of olive skin, think green. Or specifically, green-grey. While green-based self-tanner suits most skin tones, colour-correcting pinkness (especially great for pale skins) and preventing an orange tint, Sunny Honey goes one step further. The unique green-grey base not only cancels out unwanted pink and prevents orange, it gives a richer brown finish to medium and dark skins.


Go for: Use a formula with a guide colour for foolproof application, try a ‘Medium-Dark’ to ‘Dark’ formula (in Sunny Honey that means ‘Dark’ or ‘Ultra Dark’), and go for a self-tanner with a green-grey base to flatter your natural tones and amplify your glow. 

Avoid: Cheap self-tanners with artificial ingredients and poor-quality DHA that will dry out the skin. There’s no need to sacrifice your natural hydration and radiance for a faux glow!

If you’re dark…

Even if your skin’s already naturally dark, a fake tanner with antioxidants and firming ingredients – like Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam – can help blur imperfections, even out pigmentation and improve the appearance of cellulite. So, don’t think self-tan’s just for your fairer-skinned friends!

While there’s a bit more room for error when using fake tan on darker skin, you should still follow some universal fake-tanning tips. Including prepping the skin by exfoliating! Self-tanner clings to dry skin, which can lead to a patchy result and uneven fade. So, not matter your skin type or skin tone, make sure you give your skin a thorough sloughing prior to tanning.


Go for: A formula packed with booty firming, anti-ageing and imperfection-blurring ingredients! 

Avoid: Self-tanners that just tan, without taking care of your skin. And, to avoid that awful biscuity fake tan smell, try Sunny Honey. Formulated with 100% natural DHA, the tropical mango and guava scent will have you craving your next self-tanning sesh!

Tanned & Tested

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these real reviews from real people! Head over to our reviews page for more!

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