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Hair Masque vs. Hydrating Conditioner: What's the Difference?

Hair Masque vs. Hydrating Conditioner: What's the Difference?

Hair masks and conditioners both promise soft, silky, shiny strands – so they can be used interchangeably, right? WRONG. While we’re all for streamlining our haircare, a gorgeous, glossy mane requires BOTH a mask and conditioner on high rotation. And this article will explain exactly why.

From their unique hair-enhancing properties to handy application tips and how-tos, read on to learn the difference between our Like A Virgin Hair Masque and Super Hydrating Cream Conditioner. Next-level locks await! 

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Hair Mask Vs Conditioner – What’s the Difference?

Put simply, a hair mask is like a conditioner on steroids. With a thicker, more nourishing formula, a mask is designed to tackle hair concerns from the inside out for long-lasting improvements in softness, strength and shine. Conditioner, on the other hand, has larger molecules, so it works a little more superficially – at the hair cuticle layer. 

Smoothing the hair’s surface and helping to detangle strands, conditioners provide an instant hit of hydration and improvement in the way hair looks and feels. Working at a deeper level to address hair health, masks are less about a fast fix, and more about cumulative results. 

While this is necessary, we also know Coco & Eve customers want to see results FAST! Our Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Hair Masque therefore uses only the most powerful natural ingredients to deliver unBalievably smooth, glossy strands – in just one use. And the benefits just get better over time. 


Do you need both?

For a glowing complexion, you need to nourish skin both inside and out, with a healthy diet and effective skincare. The same goes for haircare!

To improve the appearance, strength and feel of your hair, our Super Hydrating Conditioner and Super Nourishing Hair Masque should both be part of your weekly routine. Think of the conditioner like your moisturiser – locking in moisture after cleansing (in this case, shampooing). 

With a powerblend of hyaluronic acid that increases hydration by 26 times (!), it nourishes with antioxidant and fatty-acid rich coconut, argan, camelia, almond, avocado and pineapple for 46% more shine. 

As for your hair mask? This is like the face mask step of your routine. Used less often, it stays on the hair longer and penetrates more deeply and potently for intensive care. Strengthening and repairing strands from the inside out, our 5-in-1 formula, powered by raw virgin coconut, deeply nourishes hair and prevents breakage. 

As fig and shea butter moisturise and detangle, linseed boosts shine and softness, and argan oil tames frizz and treats split ends. The result? Revitalised, re-virginised locks that look and feel brand new!


WHEN to Use Our Super Hydrating Conditioner & Like A Virgin Hair Masque

Like any conditioner, our Super Hydrating Conditioner should be used as the second step in your hair washing routine, after shampooing (with our Super Hydrating Shampoo, natch!). How often you use the conditioner will depend on your hair type and washing schedule. However, as a general rule you can use as often as daily or every second day. 

Our Super Nourishing Hair Masque, on the other hand, should be used more sparingly. Why? Because overuse of hair masks can weigh hair down and – while painstakingly formulated to keep locks bouncy – our mask contains just a little too much goodness to apply every day

With a rich, velvety texture, it’s best used once a week on oily hair, once or twice on normal hair, and up to three times weekly to transform parched, damaged locks.


HOW to Use Our Super Hydrating Conditioner & Like A Virgin Hair Masque

Naturally enhancing softness and shine – without the use of damaging silicones, the Super Hydrating Conditioner should be used to hydrate and detangle strands after shampooing. Apply a small amount to damp mid-lengths and ends, combing through with a wide tooth comb to ensure even distribution. Or use your fingers to rake through curls if preferred. 

Leave for around 3 minutes, then rinse. For ultra-smooth and glossy, frizz-free results, always finish with a cold-water rinse to close the cuticles. 

To use the mask, shampoo hair as normal, then apply product to damp, partly towel-dried hair (use our microfibre hair towel wrap for less damage!). Again, the amount used will depend on the length, thickness and texture of your hair. 



Use the tangle tamer provided to evenly distribute the mask from root to tip. Or, if you have oily or fine hair, focus on the ends – and avoid the roots altogether! 

Leave the mask on for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Our tip? Pop on our silver-lined Moisture Boost Shower Cap over your mask. Reflecting heat, this clever cap increases product penetration and maximises results – while protecting your hair from the shower’s stream as you get on with shaving your legs. 

Got more time to burn? If your hair is super thirsty, you can apply your mask on dry strands and let it work its magic for 20-plus minutes. Or even overnight! If you’re sleeping in your mask, apply to damp or dry hair, and cover with a shower cap or silk scarf. 

Get your solid 8 hours, wake up, rinse and go. Your Good Hair Day awaits!

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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Vidhya


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26 Jun, 2021

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