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What is a Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

What is a Pre-Shampoo Treatment?

Ready to transform your hair? Read on. We'll give you the lowdown on everything pre-shampoo below plus you can check out our newest launch, The Bond Builder Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

You might be wondering,"What’s a pre-shampoo treatment?"  Well, they have the ability to boost your hair's health, hydration, resilience and shine (especially if it's coloured or damaged!) – and help the rest of your haircare products do their job  more effectively.

Ready to transform your hair? Read on. We'll give you the lowdown on everything  pre-shampoo below.

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What is Pre-Pooing?

Put simply, a pre-shampoo treatment is a product you use before shampoo. From oils to pre-shampoo hair masks to scalp scrubs, these products serve a bunch of different purposes – and there’s one for every hair concern and need.

Some pre-wash treatments for hair help to remove oil and product build-up for bouncier, cleaner-than-clean strands, while others are all about deep conditioning, sealing in hydration or giving your fresh dye job a longer life. Then there’s another super-useful pre-shampoo treatment, ideal for those of us with an addiction to the bleach bottle and dry, damaged strands.

What are the benefits of using pre-shampoo?

Many benefits are associated with using a pre-wash hair treatment, which explains why they’ve become more popular lately. Some of the most common benefits of using a pre-shampoo treatment include:

  • Pre-shampoos can replenish moisture and heal overly dry hair–especially for those with curly hair. Severely dry, damaged, and curly hair requires extra hydration, and a pre-shampoo treatment is a great way to increase moisture.
  • Detangling becomes a breeze. If you’re prone to hair tangles, a pre-wash hair treatment may be just the key to (finally!) help make brushing easier. Applying a pre-poo treatment will help prevent those annoying knots. Letting a pre-shampoo hair mask or other treatment work its magic for about 15 minutes will do the trick.
  • It gives your conditioner a boost, helping your hair become stronger and have less breakage. When we find a super hydrating conditioner we LOVE, we tend to use it a lot. Using your favorite conditioner is harmless, but it can make it less effective over time. By incorporating a pre-wash into your routine, you’ll give your conditioner a break without compromising on moisturizing your mane.
  • It’s a little self-care treat. We all deserve to splurge on a product that can make us feel better about our hair health. Most pre-wash hair treatments are inexpensive, but some fancy salon styles may sting a bit in the wallet. If you think you need a pre-shampoo to breathe life back into your lackluster locks, go for it, girlfriend.

What’s a good choice for coloured or chemically damaged hair?

Designed for those with chemically treated or colour-damaged hair, bond-building products help to repair damage caused by your favourite salon (or home job) services. 

Specifically, they repair broken disulfide bonds. Disulfide bonds are one of the three main types of bonds that give hair its structure, shape, elasticity and shine (you can learn all about them, and the other bonds, in our Healthy Hair article). These permanent bonds can be broken by heat but are especially vulnerable to bleach and chemical treatments (perms, chemical straightening, etc). 

And that’s where bond builders come in.

Our NEW Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

While existing bond-building products such as Olaplex focus on repairing disulfide bonds only, we’ve been working hard to create a pre-poo product that’s more holistic. And we’re delighted to be able to reveal our new Like A Virgin Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment – a superpowered treatment that uses bond building to repair all three types of broken bonds AND prevent future damage. In other words? It’s the ideal pre-shampoo treatment for anyone with chemically lightened or treated hair, clinically proven to reduce breakage by up to 85%*. Yup, 85%!

How does it work? It all comes down to our formulation. Through our own Like a Virgin Bond Building Technology, each strand is thoroughly repaired and fortified through a microemulsion system complemented with a unique polymer. With a smaller particle size and increased hair affinity, our bond-building polymer penetrates more deeply than competing actives, making interactions with the hair shaft more targeted.

First, it rebuilds broken disulfide bonds found in the cortex, including the often neglected hydrogen and ionic bonds. Next, it binds 1.5x more moisture to the hair cuticle and seals it for a stronger hair structure, preventing future damage. For additional protection, it provides increased deposition to the lipid layer of the hair, reducing damage even after 5 washes! With hair strength maintained from the core, this bond builder is the latest hair science beyond hydration.

What’s more, our bond builder’s ability to reverse damage is further enhanced by additional ingredients. The Strengthening Oil Complex contains coconut and avocado oils that are a valuable source of proteins and vitamins to restore moisture to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Our bond builder also contains nourishing pomegranate and apricot oil to replace the lipids stripped by chemical treatment by providing essential fatty acids that have moisturising properties to form a protective layer on the hair surface. At this point, our bond builder is indeed the saviour of coloured and chemically treated hair!


How to use Coco & Eve’s Pre-Shampoo Bond Builder

Our Bond Building Treatment is designed to be used on highly damaged hair, 2-3 times a week. Before shampooing, dampen and section your hair. Apply 1 pump of the treatment at a time to each section, applying more product until your hair is fully saturated. Leave in for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair and proceed with your normal hair-washing routine. 

So… when can you get your hands on this strand saviour? We’ll be launching within the week, so stay tuned to our socials and be ready to add to cart!

A final word on Pre-Shampoo Treatments

If you’re not bothered by brittle strands or breakage, there’s still a lot to be gained by getting in on the pre-poo action. There are loads of treatments out there and we’re sure you’ll find one that will transform your strands. Remember also that healthy hair starts at the scalp. So if you’re keen to give yours some love, check out our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub

Suitable for all hair types, this gentle and soothing exfoliator is especially beneficial for anyone with dull, oily or limp locks or a dry or itchy scalp.


Ready to give your damaged strands the TLC they need? Shop our NEW Pre-Shampoo Bond Builder here!

*Based on clinical study with 40 women with bleached and colored hair.


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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