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Your Top Three Hair Concerns, Addressed

In this article: Your Top Three Hair Concerns, Addressed

The other day on Insta we asked you what your biggest hair concerns are right now. We got SO many replies and the same three themes kept coming up. So, we’re here to share your top hair concerns (and how to address ‘em!)


Always trying to smooth poofy hair? Same here, bestie! Your hair type can be a big factor in this, of course. If you have amazing curls you’ll know they need extra moisture to help it look defined, but frizz is something we can all come up against. It can be caused by everything from having your shower temp cranked up too high through to the weather. To quote a certain Friends episode, sometimes  “It’s the humidity”.

What’s the best way to address it?

There’s some surprisingly easy quick-fixes that could make a real difference like using cooler water and even drying your hair with a T-shirt (yes, really!) because it has less rough grooves than a towel does. So, the theory is that it absorbs the excess water without messing up the cuticle. 

Making sure your hair is getting all the moisture it needs is key when it comes to frizz. Our Silky Hair Set is a great combo because it pairs our iconic Like A Virgin Masque with our Miracle Hair Elixir that helps tame and protect. You can add a few drops to your hair any time it needs it!


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One of the top answers we got was hair breakage. It happens when the hair shaft breaks and, as a result, you get that horrible ‘snapping’ noise as you run your brush through your hair.

Some people’s hair is finer and more naturally prone to damage but it’s something we pretty much all experience, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. It can be caused by a bunch of different things including heat styling, overbrushing, your diet, doing too many tight ponytails - even just being too full on with your towel when you’re drying it!

What’s the best way to address it?

OK, you’re not gonna want to hear this but… a haircut will solve a lot of your split-end stresses out pretty much immediately. But that’s not always going to (pardon the pun) cut it, though. Like we said, it’s important to figure out what’s causing the conditions you’re experiencing so you can help prevent it. So, if you think it could be your hair ties, try switching to more gentle ones. If you’re obsessed with your curling wand, maybe give it a break for a bit or use a heat protection spray. 

To help undo the damage that has been done, we love to use our Hair Repair Bundle. It includes an ultra-nourishing mask and our Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment. The Micro 3D bond building technology builds long-lasting bonds for stronger, healthier, more resilient hair. It’s clinically proven to reduce hair breakage by 85%.*


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Finally, if you’re forever wincing as you try to brush your hair then you’re not alone. So many of our followers listed this as the thing they’d love to fix. We totally get it because uh, hello… it’s painful! Again here, dryness and texture can be big factors. So can water hardness and diet, meaning you might need to do a bit of detective work to get to the bottom of things. If you’re heading into cooler months in your part of the world, you’ll already know that the drop in temperature and wearing scarves can quickly lead to all kinds of crazy knots! 

What’s the best way to address it?

Prevention techniques are your friend here. That can mean using a wide tooth comb while you’re conditioning to get out any major kinks (before you start blow drying and the heat makes them worse!) If you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, investing in a silk pillowcase can also help reduce the friction that leads to matted-hair. Adding a leave-in treatment to your routine is a really easy way to keep your hair cuticles happy. 91% of people who tried ours said it made their hair more manageable.**


An image of our Leave-In Conditioner. Shop now


Our other hair features have you covered! Check out the latest articles here for plenty more advice and handy hacks. We loved reading your replies on IG, so don’t forget to send us a message next time we post a question - we could answer you right here!


*Based on a clinical study of 20 women with coloured and bleached hair.


Written by: Aimee

Edited by: Iris


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15 Sep, 2023

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