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Hair Experts Reveal 9 Hair Growth Mistakes To Avoid

Hair Experts Reveal 9 Hair Growth Mistakes To Avoid

Trying to reach Rapunzel-like lengths? Argh, we feel your pain. Growing your hair out can be a slow, frustrating process. Unlike the hair on your legs, which seems to grow an inch overnight, it can feel like it takes an actual age for your hair to get past your shoulders. As for that awkward flicky-out stage that comes between bob and lob? Don’t even get us started.

If you’re wondering what to do when growing out your hair—we’ve made the process as easy as possible, and rounded up the very best lock lengthening advice. Here are the 9 things you should never do when growing out your hair (and the things you should), according to two of our favourite hair pros. 

Growing Out Hair: What to Avoid

1. Using the wrong shampoo

The way you wash your hair can also have a big impact – starting with the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner. According to Tognini, “Sulfate-free formulas are the go-to for shampoo – they keep moisture locked in and prevent hair from drying out. Hair is mainly made up of moisture, so a moisturising shampoo is a must.” 

Try: Our Super Hydrating Shampoo, which is sulfate-free and formulated with ResistHyalTM Hyaluronic Acid technology delivers 26 times more hydration when growing out your hair. Pair it with a shampoo brush for a gentle exfoliation and a thorough cleanse. You know what they say, healthy scalp = healthy hair! 

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2. Choosing products with these ingredients

The ingredients in your hair products also matter. Both hair stylists love shea butter, while Tognini’s also a fan of collagen, natural silicones and oils. Stay away from unnatural silicones, sulphates and parabens in your shampoos and conditioners, he cautions. 

Overuse of silicones can lead to build up and make strands prone to breakage, so Super Hydrating Cream Conditioner smooths and increases shine with coconut and avocado oils, and our powerful Fermented Oil Complex.

3. Avoiding trims

If you think skipping your hairdresser appointments for six months is the way to go, it’s not. “Making time for regular micro-trims is a must,” says award-winning hair stylist and co-owner of Brisbane’s Togninis and Hey Hair Salons, Jules Tognini. “Only take off one-eighth of an inch to keep as much length as possible while still getting a healthy trim. This will avoid dry, brittle and split ends.”


4. Sticking with the same hairstyle

Whether you’re going from a bixie to a bob, lob to mermaid-like lengths, it’s going to take a while. So why not at least try to enjoy the ride? “Growing hair out can be frustrating but try to avoid getting stuck in a styling rut,” says Melbourne-based hairdresser Sofia Basile. 

“Now is the perfect time to get creative, use accessories like clips and Alice bands, and play with different ways to wear your hair as it grows. Have some fun!” 

5. Neglecting your scalp

Always remember that hair health starts at the scalp and a happy, stimulated scalp is essential to create the best hair growth environment. 

 “Scalp massages actually encourage hair growth by getting the blood flow going and stimulating the hair follicles,” says Tognini. “Care for your hair using a broad bristle brush, regular scalp massages and use a good shampoo to clean and detoxify your scalp.”

Looking for a great way to detoxify your scalp? Our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub Treatment is the best option when growing out your hair. Used before shampooing once or twice weekly, the caffeine and coconut oil-infused scrub stimulates and nourishes the scalp. While also removing excess oils, flakes and product build-up with coconut shell, volcanic ash, natural AHAs and salicylic acid.

6. Forgetting about your diet

According to our pros, it’s important to ensure your diet has plenty of the nutrients your hair loves. “Iron-rich food, as well as foods with zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B, and omega-3 really helps to foster stronger and more resilient hair,” says Tognini. “And of course, anything with protein is a must – hair exists from protein!”

Basile also advises packing your plate with “oats, avocado, berries and foods rich in calcium.”  


7. Missing your weekly masque session

To help your hair grow strong and long, make sure you invest in a high-quality at-home hair masque. “Deep-conditioning hair masques are really great for smoothening hair cuticles and strengthening brittle hair,” says Tognini. And, according to Basile, they’re essential for promoting growth. 

Looking for an all-rounder that will hydrate, deeply condition, smooth frizz and minimise split ends, while reviving damaged locks and boosting shine? Try our cult Like A Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque.

Or, if your hair is super brittle and damaged from heat styling and bleaching, increase hair strength by 85% with our NEW Sweet Repair Masque. Read all about our amazing new masque and how it restores locks in five minutes.

8. Skipping the heat protectant

“Remember to always use a heat protectant when using any type of heat on your hair,” says Tognini. “Whether it’s to protect against sun damage or heat styling damage, using a protectant barrier will help your hair stay healthy – vital for growing your hair long.”

Obviously, the less heat styling you do, the better the integrity of your strands.  To add more volume without using tools, Basile recommends the old-school volume boosting method that’s all over TikTok – using velcro rollers.

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9. Rough drying

Hair is extra vulnerable when it’s wet. So, be careful when drying to prevent breakage. “Go gentle when towel drying your hair,” says Tognini, who recommends using a microfibre towel or t-shirt in place of your regular towel. “If you roughen your hair up, it causes damage and will prevent healthy growth.” 

All that’s left to do now? Be patient and enjoy the hair growth journey! And for more hair tips and tricks, check out the blog.



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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited by: Iris


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28 Aug, 2022

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