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The Ultimate Coco & Eve Day-to-Night Hair Care Routine

The Ultimate Coco & Eve Day-to-Night Hair Care Routine

Dull hair, do care? Soothing dry, itchy scalps, hydrating strands, supercharging shine and preventing frizz and split ends, a scalp scrub, nourishing hair masque, hair oil and friction-free pillowcase are the awesome foursome you need to transform your tresses. And the best part is, they work like a charm for all hair types! 

Whether your locks are thirsty, frizzy, lifeless or flat, read on. We’ll give you the scoop on why, when and how you should use each of these strand saviours. We’ll also clue you up on the best ways to combine them for the ultimate haircare routine – and results so good, it’s coconuts! 

Step 1: Ditch the flakes & boost blood flow with a Scalp Scrub

Healthy hair starts at the roots, and a scalp scrub gets to work right where it’s needed – soothing an irritated scalp, gently sloughing away dead skin cells, and boosting blood flow. Removing excess oils, product build up and unsightly flakes, a scalp scrub strengthens the follicles and creates the perfect environment for healthy hair growth. Meaning? It’s a no brainer if you want to ditch the itch and rock healthy, shiny hair from root to tip. 

With coconut shell powder, volcanic ash and hydroxy acids to cleanse, exfoliate and boost cell turnover, Coco & Eve’s Deep Clean Scalp Scrub is the tropically scented choice. Hydrating with coconut oil and passionfruit, it boosts circulation with caffeine and refreshes with perkifying, scalp-soothing peppermint.


When to use a scalp scrub

All hair types will benefit from adding a scalp scrub to their haircare regime! Use once or twice a week as an intensive pre-shampoo treatment – before you shampoo and condition. It’s also the perfect way to prep hair for a nourishing hair masque

Reach for a scalp scrub immediately if: Your hair’s looking dull, your roots are greasy, your scalp is flaky or itchy, or your hair is limp, weighed down by products or has lost its bounce. 

How to use our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub

scalp scrub to damp hair at the roots. Use the tapered side of the 2 Way Scalp Applicator to part your hair, then use the silicon fan side to apply scrub onto your roots. Smooth the scrub along your hairline, then massage it into your scalp for 20-30 blissful, exotically scented seconds. Rinse with warm water, then shampoo as normal.

Step 2: Pop on a Hair Masque to nourish, repair & hydrate strands 

Now your scalp and hair are feeling super fresh and ultra clean, it’s time to replenish lost moisture and repair and revitalise strands from within – especially of you’re a slave to your straightening iron! Without doubt the best product to return hair to a healthy, happy, pre-bleach-and-heat-styling state is a super-nourishing hair masque. Why? We’re glad you asked. 

Kind of like a conditioner on steroids, a hair masque quickly softens and untangles your locks, but it also does SO much more! Intensely hydrating, strengthening and repairing hair from the inside out, a good quality hair masque will also tame frizz, smooth split ends, help prevent breakage and restore serious softness and shine. 

And if you’re going to masque up? You may as well use our OG, multi-award winning Like A Virgin Nourishing Hair Masque. Packed with moisturising fig and coconut, shea butter, argan and linseed oils, the 5-in-1 formula restores hair to its gorgeous, glossy virgin state in just 10 minutes flat. Without any nasties, and without weighing hair down.


When to use a hair masque

All hair types will get a-mane-zing results from a hair masque – you just need to adjust your usage to YOUR unique needs. We recommend using a masque once a week on oily hair, 1-2 times for normal hair, and 2-3 times a week for particularly parched or damaged strands. Make it a regular part of your mane-tenance for healthy hair all year long!

How to use our Nourishing Hair Masque

Apply the LAV Masque to damp, clean hair after shampooing, skipping the conditioning step (because our masque does that too!). Our ultimate tip? Scrub your scalp before shampooing to remove any build up and oils and enhance penetration of the masque.

Distribute evenly through your mid-lengths and ends with a Tangle Tamer, and leave for at least 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing – longer if you can. For an extra-intensive recovery session, wrap hair in a static-free Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap and sleep in the masque overnight!



Step 3: Protect, style and finish with a shine-enhancing hair oil

By now your hair will be looking and feeling fab, but for truly unBalievable results, we recommend finishing with a hair oil. That’s right – a hair oil! While it might sound a bit scary, this miraculous treatment-slash-styling-slash-finishing product is beneficial to all hair types, even oily. Full of frizz-fighting, shine-enhancing properties, a hair oil or serum is the product you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again – whether you want to define your curls or prefer things poker-straight.

For a hair oil that pairs polish with protection, try the Like A Virgin Miracle Hair Elixir. Hydrating hair with hyaluronic acid, papaya, mangosteen and coconut oil, it protects from heat up to 220°C, while preventing pesky flyaways and supercharging shine with prickly pear. 


When to use a hair oil

Super versatile, a hair oil can be used by all hair types, most days of the week! Use on wet or dry strands to prep hair for heat styling, achieve a sleek, static-free blowdry, revive dry strands, create defined curls and waves, smooth your pony, boost shine or tame frizz and flyaways.

How to use our Miracle Hair Elixir

For a shiny, frizz-free ‘do, apply to damp or dry hair before blow drying, heat styling or air drying. Squeeze a few drops into your palms and rub together (1-2 will do for short, fine hair – add a few more if you’ve got a long, wild mane), then run hands through your mid-lengths and ends. Style as usual. 

OR apply before bed and wrap hair in a Microfibre Towel Wrap for an intensive, overnight treat for dry, damaged locks.



Step 4: Care for your hair overnight with a friction-free, silky pillowcase

Here’s a little heads up – that cotton pillowcase you’re using could be sabotaging your beauty sleep and wreaking havoc with your hair. How? Super-absorbent cotton soaks of moisture and creates a whole heap of friction. Which, as we know, is the nemesis of good hair. 

Grabbing and tugging at your strands as you toss and turn, a regular pillowcase can lead to breakage, frizz, flyaways and ragged ends. Thankfully, however, the RIGHT pillowcase does just the opposite!

For an equally luxe, vegan alternative to pricey silk options, try a silk-polyester pillowcase, like our Beauty Sleep Pillow Case. This kind of pillowcase feels amazing and allows your hair – and skin – to glide smoothly. This means it not only helps prevents hair damage and tangles, it also minimises wrinkles over time.


When to use a friction-free pillowcase

You look after your hair during the day, so why-oh-why would you use a pillowcase that will damage it overnight?! For good hair every morning, a smooth, soft, satiny pillowcase is an essential every night. And it also makes nap time so much more luxurious!

How to use our Beauty Sleep Pillow Case

Simply slip a clean Coco & Eve Beauty Sleep Pillow Case onto your favourite pillow, then wake up with gorgeous skin and hair – 365 days of the year! For best results, wash the case once or twice a week, following the care instructions included. 



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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya


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07 Mar, 2021

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