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Summer Sorted! Your Coco & Eve Glow Routine

Summer Sorted! Your Coco & Eve Glow Routine

Soft, silky, bouncy waves. Bronzed, even, glowing skin. A smooth, toned, hydrated bod... Whatever your summer beauty goals, Coco & Eve has you covered! Here’s how to use our tropical skin sloughers, nourishing body masque and cult favourite self-tanner to level up your summer beauty game. It’s so easy it’s practically (coco)nuts!  

Smooth, Hydrate & Sculpt Your Bod

Tackling dry, flaky skin, unwanted lumps and bumps and uneven pigmentation, the Glow Figure range contains the ultimate Bali bod squad! Here’s how our Bali Buffing Sugar, Bounce Body Masque and Body Moisture Whip smooth, hydrate, firm and lift in three easy steps.

Step 1: Buff and smooth

With natural skin sloughers and a lush lychee and dragonfruit scent, our triple-exfoliating Bali Buffing Sugar delivers the sweetest results. Instantly smoothing and renewing lacklustre skin, it ensures your body is perfectly prepped to drink up active ingredients and self-tan. As volcanic pumice removes dead skin cells and tackles pigmentation, coconut flower sugar and shell powder renew and revitalise, and coconut oil hydrates and nourishes thirsty skin. You’ll love hitting the shower with this invigorating scrub!

Step 2: Sculpt and firm

Masques aren’t just great for your face and hair – they’re also perfect for your booty, thighs, belly and boobs! The world’s first contouring and anti-ageing body masque, formulated with skin smoothing CellushapeTM technology and mangosteen, our Bounce Body Masque boosts circulation with five times the caffeine of coffee. Drawing out toxins and impurities with Balinese volcanic clay, it tightens, lifts, sculpts and blurs imperfections for truly unBALIevable results.

Step 3: Nourish and soften

With a rich, decadent texture, our contouring Body Moisture Whip leaves skin buttery soft, smooth and oh-so supple. As your mood lifts with each hit of the exotic scent, powerful Balinese ingredients nourish, brighten and smooth your bod. Raw virgin coconut oil boosts elasticity as cacao oil intensely smooths and soften, coffee seed extract energises and tones, and antioxidant-rich mango, papaya and mangosteen brighten skin and boost circulation. Meanwhile, amino acids hydrate and firm from within for a visible reduction in cellulite!

For serious summer skin goals? Use the Bali Buffing Sugar and Bounce Body Masque once or twice weekly, and the Body Moisture Whip daily.


Tan, Tone & Treat Your Skin

When is a tan not just a tan? When it’s a Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam tan! So much more than a run-of-the-mill self-tanner, this glow getter is a total game changer. Formulated with unique CellushapeTM technology to hydrate and firm, it’s the world’s first anti-ageing, anti-cellulite, pigmentation-blurring self-tanner!

With a green-grey base to eliminate even the slightest hint of orange, Sunny Honey comes in three ultra-flattering, fast-developing shades. Choose from Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. Thanks to colour-guide technology and clever self-tanning accessories, you’ll enjoy a flawless application and streak-free finish every time. 

Free from nasties, Sunny Honey is packed with skin loving antioxidants and high-quality, all-natural DHA (the colouring agent used in self-tanners). As for that overpowering biscuit smell most tanners share? We’ve removed it! Instead, Sunny Honey has a delicious mango and guava scent you’ll want to drink up – it’s like summer in a bottle! 

Tried & Tested

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these real results from real people! Head over to our reviews page for more!


For the perfect holiday glow at home, check out our article: How to use Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, and don’t forget the Tan Commandments.  

Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 

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02 Aug, 2020

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