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The U.S. Cities with the Most Extensive Daily Beauty Routines

Woman highlighting a step in her daily beauty routine

With the U.S. cosmetics industry pulling in $14.8 billion in revenue in 2021 alone, it's clear that anyone applying makeup has their options! That’s why we wanted to determine which states follow the most extensive daily beauty routines. Maybe you only need one swipe of mascara to walk out the door, or perhaps you’re beauty-obsessed and can’t go to sleep without completing your 58-step beauty ritual (*ahem* we’re looking at you, Shay Mitchell). 

Either way, we wanted to discover which participants from each state spent the most time, money, and care on their faces across the country. Perhaps you discovered a new foundation or liquid lipstick from your Tiktok recommendations or just want to see how your routine stacks up against the competition. Whether you practice basic skincare 101 or you indulge in extravagant products with exotic ingredients, read on to find out just how beauty-obsessed your state is.


We reached more than 3,000 participants through a national survey with more than 1,000 participants and a state-by-state survey with an average of 50 respondents per state for 14 days to discover which states have the most extensive daily beauty routines. We asked participants questions like “how much do you spend on your beauty routine?” and “do you use more high-end beauty products or do you prefer drug store brands?” Read on to find out which states take self-care to a whole new level!

U.S. States with the Most & Least Steps in their Beauty Routines

Top half of map detailing the states with the most and least steps in their beauty routine

Maine stole the show as the state with the most extensive daily beauty routine and features amazing makeup artists like Alissa Boatman, owner of Beauty by Boatman, who can get you and your bridesmaids glammed up for your wedding day. New Hampshire, another northeast state, ranks second with 2.50% of participants admitting to having over 20 steps in their beauty routine. It's a stark difference from Nashua, NH, native, Mandy Moore, who prefers a quick five-minute face routine with products like a tinted moisturizer and lip oil in place of chapstick. 

Tennessee ranks first with 45.10% of participants claiming to have a beauty routine that is two steps or less. Perhaps, these bare-faced Tennesseans must find it difficult to keep their makeup looking fresh in the heat. Likewise, Kentucky and Alabama, both southern states ranked second and third with few participants having an extensive daily beauty regimen. Let’s hope one of the two products they’re using is Coco & Eve’s leave-in conditioner to fight frizz and humidity in Birmingham’s unbelievable heat. 

South Carolina places fifth with 2.00% of participants stating they have over 20 steps in their beauty routine. Celebrity native, Britt Roberston, opts for skincare essentials like sunscreen and a stain blush to complete her fresh-faced look. On the flip side, Colorado ranks fifth with the least steps in its beauty routine, but when you have access to natural wonders like the Great Sand Dunes, why waste time applying mascara—unless it's for a photo op? 

Must Have Products

Shelves displaying the must-have beauty and makeup products

The top five must-have beauty products across the U.S. are centered on keeping skin feeling youthful and supple. Moisturizer ranked first followed by chapstick and cleanser. If you’re on the hunt for a moisturizer to add to your daily beauty routine, look no further than Coco & Eve’s Body Moisture Whip, infused with antioxidants and amino acids, which reduce cellulite and hydrates skin. Cleanser ranked third as a staple in skincare 101 and can be useful for both face and body breakouts.

When it comes to makeup, concealer is ranked first followed by eyeliner. Consider using white eyeliner on your waterline or inner corner to look wide awake in the morning even if you spent all night binging the newest season of Glow Up. Foundation came in third place with the power to even out texture and redness, but don’t worry if your bare face doesn’t look like you have a permanent Insta filter—welcome to the club, there are already 7.9 billion of us here.

A Look Inside Beauty Routines

Top section of makeup compact donut charts highlighting beauty routine statistics
Middle section of makeup compact donut charts highlighting beauty routine statistics
Bottom section of makeup compact donut charts highlighting beauty routine statistics

When it comes to our daily beauty routines, personalization is key. What worked for your mom’s skin may not work for yours, and the products that saved you in high school may not be great when you’re in your 30s. A majority (83.00%) of women surveyed reported that they would rather go every day without wearing makeup than sleep in their makeup every night—because a clean face is a happy face.

When it comes to Gen Zers, one in seven (13.00%) wash their makeup brushes more than they wash their bedsheets. But a dirty makeup brush can cause more than just clogged pores—it can even lead to staph infections. But we got you! Wash your makeup brushes and take mom’s advice to clean behind your ears with our coconut water and aloe vera-infused Smoothie Shower Gel.

We all know makeup can sometimes be expensive, but that doesn’t stop 28.00% of our respondents from spending $100 to $200 per month on their beauty routine. Ulta is a little bit like Disneyland—the happiest place on Earth.

Closing Thoughts

In the words of Hailee Steinfeld, “you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen.” So it doesn’t matter whether your beauty routine is a quick swipe of chapstick or a luxurious process filled with serums, facial rollers, and masks galore, Coco & Eve wants to help you embrace your beauty routine where you’re at. Treat yourself to our Ultimate Pamper Bundle to deep clean and nourish your hair or—what the heck? Try out our exfoliating Bali Buffing Sugar scrub and add another step to your essential beauty routine.



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