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Self-Tanning Tools for the Perfect Tan

Self-Tanning Tools for the Perfect Tan

For a perfectly even, golden glow, choosing the right self-tanner is essential. But there are also some tools of the trade that will help you get even better results! The days of slapping on your bronzing mousse with your bare hands are over (thank goodness), and there are mitts, applicators and other amazing self tanning accessories that will make your job a whole lot easier. Ensuring you don’t get streaky or miss a spot – even on those hard-to-tan areas like your back.

To learn about the four essential items every glow-getter needs in their kit, read on. Here are the self tanning tools that’ll ensure you nail a perfect tan. Every single time.


#1 Exfoliating Mitt 

This wouldn’t be a tanning article if we didn’t start by stressing the importance of thorough prep. Exfoliating away dry, dead skin cells a day or two before tanning is crucial if you want an even tan that lasts as long as possible. 

While body scrubs can be used for this, an exfoliating mitt makes the job super easy. And they can be used even on the day of tanning, whereas it’s best to scrub 24 hours before to ensure there are no oils left on the skin that could interfere with your colour.

In our signature hot pink, the Coco & Eve Deluxe Exfoliating Mitt is the perfect way to slough away the dull stuff. Or remove all traces of leftover tan before applying a fresh new coat.

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#2 Back Tan Applicator

If you live alone or are not on intimate terms with your roomie, a back tan applicator is a total tanning lifesaver. (Unless you’re a contortionist, in which case you might be able to manage. But you’d still be better off with the even strokes an applicator allows.)

Most back tan applicators feature a similar design but ours comes in a hypoallergenic material. With the long, narrow stretch of velvety soft fabric and handles on each end, glide on your glow-to product systematically and effortlessly. Moving from side to side from the bottom to the top of your back.

Still not sure how to use one of these nifty tanning tools? Here’s a handy article we prepared earlier explaining exactly how to tan your back. And keep reading to find out how you can get an applicator free!


#3 Tanning Mitt

Once you’ve experienced the magic of a tanning mitt, trust us – you’ll never go back. Perhaps the most essential of all tanning accessories, a mitt saves you a lot of time (and tears) by allowing you to use smooth, sweeping strokes – without your tan gathering on any dry areas. Not only does this allow you to apply a mousse or lotion much faster, it also dramatically reduces the chance of any muddy spots and nasty streaks.

Better still, a velvety tanning mitt will keep your hands, especially those palms, looking human-hued. Not an unnatural shade of orange. Make sure you choose one with a protective lining – like ours. Then just wash and air-dry it between tanning sessions, and you’re good to go.


#4 Kabuki Brush

One final tool to keep in your bronzing bag is a kabuki brush with soft but dense bristles. Look familiar? You’re probably already using one to apply at least one of your makeup prods. But they’re also super-handy for self-tanning!

Why? Because the flexible bristles allow them to get into all most awkward nooks and crannies. Making them an amazing tool for tanning your face, hands, feet – and anywhere else you struggle with. Simply apply a pea-sized amount of self-tanner, then buff it into your skin in a circular motion.


Get a free tanning tool!

Needing to top up your self-tanner supply? Now’s the perfect time as we’re throwing in a FREE* BACK TAN APPLICATOR with every purchase!

Shop now to secure yours as this offer runs for a limited time only. And make sure you check out the blog for more tanning tips and tricks.


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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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25 Jun, 2022

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