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Hair Problems and 3 Foolproof Hair Routines to Help

Hair Problems and 3 Foolproof Hair Routines to Help

Dry, frizzy strands, oily roots or breakage from all that bleach damage? Our hair may be our crowning glory, but it doesn’t always behave how we want. And, let’s face it, with heat styling, colouring and regular rough treatment (we’re looking at you, vigorous towel dryers!), it can take a bit of a beating. 

While it would be the dream to wake up with smooth, hydrated, manageable strands, most of us will be tackling at least one hair problem at any given time. But thankfully, with a little TLC, these hair concerns and most common hair problems can be managed – and often overcome.

Want to know how? Read on for three foolproof hair care routines to resolve all your common hair woes – fast.

We all love freshly lightened locks, especially in summer. However, there’s no denying colouring can damage strands – breaking your hair’s disulphide bonds, causing dryness and increasing the chances of hair breakage.

A hydrating and strengthening routine is essential for this common hair problem, and the number one product you need in your arsenal is a bond-building treatment. Another go-to is a targeted repair mask and – guess what? – you’ll find both in our Hair Repair Bundle!

Colour or Chemically Damaged Hair Care Routine

Day 1: Repair Hair Concerns with a Bond Building Treatment

Repair those broken structural bonds and protect existing ones with our Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Clinically proven to reduce breakage by 85%, the 3D bond-building microemulsion can be used 1-3 times weekly, depending on the degree of damage.

Simply apply to damp hair from root to tip and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse, then follow with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Better yet, swap your conditioner for our Sweet Repair Hair Mask – formulated with biomimetic ceramides, vegan keratin and hyaluronic acid to repair hair weakened by heat, chemical damage and colour.

Day 2: Rest Day

Give your strands a well-deserved rest and take a break from shampooing and heat styling.

Day 3: Skip Another Wash or Gently Cleanse

If you can skip another wash, do. But if it’s time for your greasy hair to go, lather up with gentle, sulphate-free products – like our Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with a hyaluronic acid power blend and nourishing plant oils.

Day 4: Apply Hair Oil

Take today off washing if you didn’t yesterday. If your hair needs an extra boost of shine, run a small amount of hair oil or serum through your mid-lengths and ends. Our Miracle Hair Elixir is ideal for this – and will also protect hair up to 220°C if you can’t resist the urge to create some beachy waves.

Day 5 and 6: Wash and Repair with Bond Treatment

If your hair is ready for washing, repeat your day 1 routine, starting with our bond repair treatment and ending with your mask. If not, leave your locks be. 

Day 7: Hair Problems Solved!

Pat yourself on the back. By now they should be feeling and looking a whole lot healthier!

Our tip for Specific Hair Routines?

How often you shampoo will depend on your hair type, so adjust the above schedule accordingly. However, we recommend using the Bond Builder + Mask combo at least once a week for light damage, and 2-3 times for severely stressed strands. We also recommend limiting the heat styling as much as possible – at least for a few weeks.

Hair Routines for Dryness and Frizz

Whether from constant heat styling, over-washing or the use of harsh, stripping shampoos, dryness is another super common hair problem. And, for many of us, this hair concern often goes hand in hand with the dreaded F word. Frizz. 

To quench thirsty strands, we recommend checking out our Deep Condition Bundle – which contains our Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Hair Masque. Another great option, especially if you’re bothered by frizz and split ends, is our Silky Hair Set which contains the LAV Masque and Miracle Hair Elixir.

Dry and Frizzy Hair Care Routine

Day 1: Wash Hair with Hydrating Shampoo

Wash your strands with our Super Hydrating Shampoo – formulated to deliver 26 times more hydration with ResistHyalTM Hyaluronic Acid technology. Follow with the conditioner or apply our OG Hair Masque and leave it on for 10 minutes for intense hydration and soft, smooth, silky strands. 

Day 2: Apply Detangling Conditioner

Give shampooing a miss. For daily hydration, UV protection, detangling and smoothing, apply a few pumps of our Hydrating and Detangling Leave-In Conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends.

Day 3: Wash Hair If Needed

Wash hair if needed (or leave it for another day or two). After conditioning, apply a small amount of our Miracle Hair Elixir to damp locks and style as usual. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, this nourishing hair oil hydrates and shields against heat damage while boosting shine and eliminating frizz. 

Day 4: Reapply Conditioner

Once again, apply a few pumps of hydrating and detangling conditioner to help your mid-lengths and ends and avoid washing your hair.

Day 5: Wash Hair and Air Dry

Shampoo and condition your hair. Apply the Leave-In Conditioner and leave your hair to air dry. Or apply the Miracle Elixir if blow drying.

Day 6: Take a Break!

You can leave your common hair problems behind for this day and take a break!

Day 7: Repeat Day 1

Repeat day 1. This means shampooing and using our Super Nourishing Hair Masque to restore dry or damaged hair from the inside out. If your hair is feeling extra dry, leave the mask on overnight and wake up to incredible softness. 

Hair Solutions for an Oily and Flaky Scalp

Sometimes the weather on your scalp doesn’t match your lengths, and you might be dealing with oily roots but frazzled ends. This is actually surprisingly common, and our Ultimate Pamper Bundle has everything you need to tackle the problem. 

Containing our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub, Super Nourishing Hair Masque and Miracle Hair Elixir, it helps to balance and strengthen strands – from root to tip.

Oily and Flaky Scalp Hair Care Routine

Day 1: Deep Clean Scalp

Hair health starts at the scalp! To gently remove excess oil, dry skin cells, flakes and product buildup, gently scrub your scalp before shampooing. Apply our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub directly to the scalp and massage into your head for 20-30 seconds. Formulated with manual and chemical exfoliants, stimulating caffeine and soothing peppermint oil, it helps fight flakes, control oil and creates a healthy hair growth environment. 

Once finished, rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo your hair. After washing, follow with our Super Nourishing Hair Masque to tackle those dry, dull ends.

Day 2: Skip a Day!

Believe it or not, washing your hair every day can exacerbate oiliness. So, try to stretch your shampooing schedule to every second (or even third) day if you can.

Day 3: Shampoo and Condition

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal, skipping the mask today. Next, make sure you apply a few drops of our Miracle Hair Elixir to add shine and hydration to dry strands. Just make sure you focus on the ends of your hair and steer clear of your roots.

Day 4: Another Rest Day

Today’s a no-wash day, so keep your hands to yourself. Try to avoid playing with your hair as that can make an oily situation a whole lot worse.

Day 5: Repeat Scalp Deep Clean

Repeat your day 1 hair routine: scrubbing, shampooing and masking up. If heat styling, apply some hair oil first for protection.

Day 6: Apply Miracle Elixir

Don’t wash, don’t touch. Give your hair a break. If your ends are looking dull, feel free to apply some Miracle Elixir for instant gloss.

Day 7: Basic Wash and No Heat Styling

If washing again, stick with a basic shampoo and conditioning routine. (You can get too much of a good thing, so keep masking 1-2 times a week. Or 3 times if your hair is VERY dry.) Try to skip the heat styling if possible and leave your hair to air dry.

Even if your hair isn’t dry, damaged, frizzy or breakage-prone (lucky you!), it could still use some regular TLC. And our Daily Essentials Bundle is an easy and indulgent way to maintain hair health, hydration and shine.

Heading off on holiday? Don’t leave good hair days behind. Our Limited Edition Hair Necessities Kit is the perfect travel-sized kit for beauties who want to try our products.



Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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14 Jan, 2023

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