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Your Guide to a Party-Perfect Tan

Your Guide to a Party-Perfect Tan

With the party season in full swing, we all want to look our best in our sparkly dresses and backless tops. Which for many of us means wearing a confidence-boosting, sun-kissed glow – achieved the safe way with fake tanner, of course! 

Whether you’re a first-time tanner or a year-round bronzed bombshell, we've got all the tanning intel (and products!) to have you looking fresh this festive season. From when to shower to how to reach your back and the best way to apply makeup to freshly tanned skin, here’s how to achieve a party-perfect (fake) tan with our all-new Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist and bestselling Bali Bronzing Foam

Are you ready? Let's glow, girls!

For best Face Tan Results

For a natural-looking glow that will go the distance this party season, think mist. Specifically, our Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist – your beauty routine’s newest MVP. Delivering a super-even, radiant face tan in 3-4 spritzes, it’s hands down the easiest way to get your glow on. Plus, it’s packed with hydrating, skin-loving ingredients to keep your skin quenched and beautifully bronzed through up to a week of parties.

We’ve already created an extensive how-to guide, but here are some extra tips to amplify your glow these holidays. And prevent any tanning mishaps, once and for all.

Meet the Golden Crush kit

You’ve run out of time and you need to apply fake tan in the AM for that event you have on tonight. So now you’re wondering, can you put makeup on after self-tanning? Or, how soon can I apply makeup after self tanning?

With our Tanning Micromist, you can — and fast! After spritzing the mist onto (clean, dry, product-free) skin, simply allow a few minutes until the product has dried/absorbed. Then you can go ahead and apply your moisturiser, SPF and makeup as usual. This includes liquid foundation, cream blushes and primer. Just make sure you wait until the tanner is touch-dry to avoid any interference with your glow.

So you’re home from the party and getting ready for bed. Can you wash your face and remove your makeup, or will doing so dislodge your golden glow?

Good news. As long as you’ve allowed at least two hours for the DHA in our tanning mist to work its magic, it’s fine to cleanse and remove your makeup as normal. But don’t do it any sooner or you’ll disrupt your tan’s development. Also avoid any manual scrubbing or chemical exfoliants (AHAs, BHA) tonight as this will shorten the life of your party season tan.

Another thing to consider before spritzing your face. If you have fair hair and brows, it’s a good idea to protect them to prevent them from taking on an unwanted orangey hue. We suggest using a barrier cream on brows (a slick of petroleum jelly works well and also helps tame any errant hairs), and a hairband or even a hair wrap to protect your hair at the roots. 

Just make sure you spritz close to the roots to avoid a tell-tale pasty border.

If you want to be in total control of how dark you go, our tanning drops are also a great option. These are mixed into your moisturiser (we recommend doing this at night) and can be applied daily for a buildable, custom glow. As you’re not spraying on the product, it can be easier to avoid the brows and hairline. But you’ll need to make sure you wash your hands afterwards to avoid muddy palms.

As for makeup, the same rules apply to tanning drops and mist. You don’t need to wait until your tan has developed, but make sure you allow it to dry.

For best Body Tan Results

Now your face tan is sorted, it’s time to get the rest of you party ready. You might think you’ve got your body tanning down pat, but these tips will make that glow flawless.

Bronzing your back 

When you’re rugged up against the cold, it’s easy to forget about tanning your back. But it’s a must if you’re planning a big reveal in a backless dress or skimpy top! It’s traditionally been one of the trickiest spots to tan – but not this party season! Our back tan applicator makes the job easy-peasy. 

Just apply a generous pump of tanning foam onto the middle of the applicator. Grab the handles in each hand and pull from side to side, working slowly and methodically up (or down) your back.

Check out our Bali Bae Self Tan Set, featuring all your MUST-HAVE tanning essentials!


Bali Bae Self-Tan set


Tackling other tricky areas

What about your hands, elbows, feet and knees? These dry areas tend to soak up extra tanner, so it’s a good idea to apply some moisturiser as a barrier cream. For the knees, do a quick sweep over the area with your tanning mitt while your legs are bent. Ditto for your elbows – this makes sure your tanner gets into any creases.

Strappy sandals call for streak-free feet, so take extra care when tanning your tootsies. Adding a pea-sized amount of the foam on your applicator mitt or using what’s leftover, blend down from your legs and concentrate on the top of your feet. Sweep quickly over the toes and go easy on your heels. A kabuki brush is handy here to buff tanner in evenly, and to get in between the toes. 

We also recommend using a kabuki brush and a small amount of tanning foam to tan your hands. Create a claw and apply in a circular motion, making sure you blend, blend, blend!

Getting dressed after tanning

What about your hands, elbows, feet and knees? These dry areas tend to soak up extra tanner, so it’s a good idea to apply some moisturiser as a barrier cream. For the knees, do a quick sweep over the area with your tanning mitt while your legs are bent. Ditto for your elbows – this makes sure your tanner gets into any creases.


Before after


Sleeping in self-tan

Just like getting dressed, you should also wait around half an hour after tanning before hitting the sack. This will ensure your tan is dry – and prevent you from waking up to crime scene sheets!

When (and how) to shower after self-tanning

Self-tan should be applied to clean, dry skin. So make sure you shower before tanning to remove any oils and leftover product that can interfere with DHA development. Keep the water lukewarm and blast your skin with cold water at the end to shrink your pores.

Your first shower after fake tanning should be short, sweet and tepid – not hot. Avoid using overly hot water until the next day as this can stop your tan from continuing to develop over the next few hours. 

Week full of parties? Stick with cooler showers and soft towels to prolong the life of your glow. And avoid spas and swimming pools which can also cause premature fading.

A glowing bod for any occasion

Self-tanning isn’t limited to beach trips or laying poolside all day. To get the perfect glow and a smooth, hydrated body, check out our Coco & Eve body products and our complete tan collection for the perfect body for any occasion.


Ready to get the party started? You’re in luck! We’ve released a brand-new bronzing bundle in time for the social season! Boasting our NEW Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist and cult Bali Bronzing Foam, our Golden Crush Kit is the perfect holiday gift – or gift to self ☺.


*Based on instrumental test conducted with Cassia Seed extract.
**Based on in vitro testing conducted with vegetal extract 


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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20 Dec, 2022

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