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Our New Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist — A Sunless Tan Spray!

Our New Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist — A Sunless Tan Spray!

We all want a glowing complexion, but – let’s face it – self-tanning the face can have mixed results. Some cheap and nasty prods can clog your pores, while others will leave your skin drier than your mouth on New Year’s morning. Which is why a lightweight, ultra-hydrating tanning micromist is the ultimate game changer. And guess what? We’ve gone and created one!

How? By combining the best tanning and skincare actives with micro misting technology – loved by the skincare industry for its ultra-effective delivery of active ingredients. And now making its way into tanning!

benefits of the self tanner micromist

Meet the newest member of the Sunny Honey family, our Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist is THE self-tanner for skincare freaks. Boosting radiance from the inside out and leaving skin with a super-even tan that lasts longer than others with a single application!

Excited? You should be! To learn how our micromist delivers your most radiant and even face tan in just a few hours, read on.

No regular face tanner, our new arrival pairs all-natural DHA with modern micromist technology for a foolproof tanning experience that leaves skin with an incredible youthful glow. Lightweight and ultra-convenient to use – simply spritz, wait, glow – micromists allow optimal delivery of bronzing ingredients to the skin for a smooth, even tan. 

They’re also the business when it comes to hydration, as their smaller molecule improves penetration of skin-loving ingredients – like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants - which you’d better believe we’ve packed into our formula!

One of the biggest tricks for an even face tan is making sure your skin is well-quenched – which is exactly what our micromist does so well! Self-tanner will clump in any dry areas and your colour will shed unevenly, so we’ve packed it with hydrating ingredients that will level up your bronzing game. 

And we’re not just talking hyaluronic acid. We’ve gone one step further to incorporate super-hydrator, Hyalurosmooth™.  Derived from Cassia Seed, this plant extract acts like hyaluronic acid on steroids – delivering four times more hydration for glowing skin and a longer-lasting tan. 

Boosting hydration by 40%* in 30 minutes, the moisturising and plumping active leaves skin four times smoother AND more radiant**!

*Based on instrumental test conducted with Cassia Seed extract 
**Based on consumer  study conducted with Cassia Seed extract 

The face tanning mist is also bursting with the goodness of botanical ingredients. Charged with powerful antioxidants, a Bali-inspired Star Fruit complex that includes guava and passionfruit protects the skin against ageing free radicals.

With anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and firming properties, the formula is clinically proven to increase antioxidation by 50%*, while reducing inflammation by 59%* and boosting collagen production by 93%. Yes, 93%*!

*Based on in vitro testing conducted with vegetal extract 

Ready to glow? Here’s how to get an even tan using a face micromist

1. Prep by exfoliating

To ensure the most even application possible, slough away any dry, dull skin cells by exfoliating. This will allow optimal delivery of the tanning and skincare actives and prevent any patchiness.   

2. Skip the moisturiser before applying micromist

Skip the moisturiser, as it can dilute the DHA or create a barrier that prevents its penetration. Our tanning micromist can be applied directly to bare skin without mixing with any product. This makes tan application (and reapplication) oh-so-easy. Just spritz on the face and neck once or twice a week for a natural, buildable glow.

3. Follow the micromist with your favourite face cream

Allow 30 seconds to absorb and then watch your luminous, hydrated glow develop over the next 6 hours. Follow-up with a moisturiser to better help deliver the actives to your skin.   

4. Be strategic with your skincare routine

If you want to wait a full week between applications, be careful with your skincare. Some products play better with your glow than others (beware retinol), so check out the skincare ingredients to use and avoid with fake tanner.

But if you want to keep up your regular routine, go for it. Spritzing with this baby is so easy, you can easily reapply your tan the second it starts to fade ☺.

No matter the season or the occasion, you can keep your face and body luminous by maintaining your routine. Check out the complete Coco & Eve collection of body products and self-tan products to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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06 Dec, 2022

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