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The Most Popular TikTok Trends in Every State

The Most Popular TikTok Trends in Every State

Fads have always come and gone over time, but now social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are here to help speed up their life cycles. For this study, we reviewed the most popular TikTok trends in different categories, such as music, beauty, and food. We compiled a list of the trendiest TikTok types across all 50 U.S. states. Read more to find out what the most popular trends were in yours!

The Most Popular TikTok Beauty Trend in Every U.S. State

U.S. map showing the top TikTok beauty and fashion trends
U.S. map showing the top TikTok beauty and fashion trends
U.S. map showing the top TikTok beauty and fashion trends


Sometimes, less is more. Sure, we love serving glamorous looks with bold and beautiful makeup, but other times it's better to keep it simple. When we're headed to work (or anywhere but the Met), looking put together is more than enough. Most TikTok users felt the same way, which is likely why no-makeup makeup is the most popular beauty trend. No-makeup makeup was the most searched-for TikTok trend in 25 states– so don’t be afraid to let your natural beauty shine!

Pop culture is always looking into the past to revamp old trends and bring them back new and improved. Lately, 80’s fashion trends have been coming back into the mainstream in many ways. However, there is one state that’s still lagging behind (or ahead, depending on how you look at it): New Mexico. New Mexico’s most searched-for beauty and fashion trend was 90’s makeup. While the rest of us are likely dusting off our shoulder pads, residents in New Mexico are probably reaching for their mood rings.

New Jersey’s most searched-for fashion trend might come more from necessity rather than having a flair for the dramatic. Lately, TikTokkers in the land of Bruce Springsteen and boardwalks are searching for shoelace belts. As the name suggests, shoelace belts cut out the leather middle-man and give fashionistas a cheaper way to pull up their pants– all you need is a set of laces from an old pair of shoes. Normally, you wouldn’t brag about losing your belt, but shoelace belt wearers tuck in their shirts and show off their strings with pride.

South Dakota has a long history in petroleum-based products; for the past four decades, the state has produced one to two million barrels of petroleum per year. Another byproduct of petroleum, and the subject of South Dakota’s most searched-for beauty trend, is the jelly. South Dakota’s most popular TikTok beauty trend was slugging. For the uninitiated, slugging is the act of slathering vaseline on your face before bed to wake up glistening like a slug’s mucus trail (ew). While the trend may seem bizarre, skin care experts agree that it has some benefits, especially for those in dry climates.

Three Minute Meals: Top TikTok Food Trends in the U.S.

U.S. map showing the top TikTok food and beverage trends.
U.S. map showing the top TikTok food and beverage trends.


No matter where you are, TikTok is likely your go-to for learning new recipes and locating new local eats. Many food and beverage trends have taken the social media platform by storm, and they range from delicious to bizarre. Here are some of the most popular TikTok food trends across the country.

Chlorophyll water claimed ten states in our study and the title of the most-searched-for TikTok beverage trend in the country. Chlorophyll water is purified drinking water mixed with supplemental chlorophyll and other vitamins. You might recognize chlorophyll as that stuff that gives plants their healthy green glow. Now, people all over the nation are relying on their greens for a glow-up of their own. Liquid chlorophyll is said to have many health benefits and can help with weight loss, skin healing, and more.

For every healthy action, there is an equally unhealthy reaction. That’s why we wanted to mention Iowa’s and Missouri’s most popular food trend on TikTok: the nacho table. The nacho table is a table that’s filled to the brim with chips and mountains of cheese, salsa, and pretty much any other dip you can think of. Instead of relying on plates like a caveman, you simply need a layer of foil or parchment paper to separate your fine mahogany tabletop from the tower of tortilla chips. You’ll probably still need to put the cheese in a bowl, though.

Tunes to TikTok To: Trending TikTok Songs Nationwide

U.S. map showing the top TikTok music trends.
U.S. map showing the top TikTok music trends.
U.S. map showing the top TikTok music trends.


Every superhero needs her theme music. After all, what’s the point of showing off your nightly self-care routine if it doesn’t have a great soundtrack? We took a look at the most popular TikTok songs nationwide and found a country with eclectic musical tastes.

The most searched-for song in the U.S. and background music for many TikToks is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. The hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, is responsible for breathing new life into Kate Bush’s classic song from the ’80s. The song quickly climbed to number one on the Billboard charts following its first appearance on the show– even higher than when it peaked at number 30 on the charts in 1985!

Of course, not everyone wants to saturate the airwaves when finding the perfect score for their three-minute masterpiece. Maryland’s most searched-for TikTok music trend was another popular tune from the ‘80s, Irene Cara’s Fame. Fame was originally the theme song for a musical with the same name in 1980 and peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of that year.    

Closing Thoughts

Trends come and go over time and platforms like TikTok are here to help speed up this natural process. While social media fashion trends are often fleeting, you can count on us to continue carrying top of the line beauty and skincare products– no matter what petroleum-based substance it’s cool to slather yourself in these days. 

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To find out each U.S. state’s most popular TikTok trends, we turned to online search interest. We used sources such as Glamour, Today, Parade, and Cosmopolitan to determine a list of 60 of the all-time most popular trends on TikTok. We analyzed Google Trends search volume from September 2021 to September 2022 to map out the most popular trends in every U.S. state over the past year. Finally, we assigned each trend to one of the following categories: beauty and fashion, food and beverage, and songs.



Edited by: Iris


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