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6 Moisturising mistakes to avoid for glowing, hydrated skin

6 Moisturising mistakes to avoid for glowing, hydrated skin

Using a body moisturiser seems simple enough: Buy one and rub it on. If only! Turns out there are loads of mistakes you may be making when it comes to hydrating your skin. Read on and find out how to make the most of this important body-care step.

1. You don’t prep properly

EXFOLIATE! Sloughing away the surface layer of cells allows your moisturiser to really sink into your skin. Concentrate on trouble spots such as your elbows, knees and feet — the skin here has minimal oil glands and can thicken due to friction. Keep in mind that you’re polishing a delicate surface, not scrubbing the tub: A gentle buffing once or twice a week with a soft washcloth or jelly massage mitt will do the trick!

2. You skip body parts

Many people fall into the trap of only moisturising their legs, usually because the skin there dries out after hair removal. Moisturising your arms, tummy, chest and back are just as important as they’re often exposed to drying elements like the sun, hot showers and winds. So start slathering on that lotion, lady!


3. You moisturise only when skin is scaly

Don’t wait until your skin is dry and cracked before applying your body cream! You wouldn’t hold off on using sunscreen until you’re sunburnt, so why should moisturising be any different? If you can’t seem to get in the habit of moisturising, try placing your body cream tub in an obvious spot (like right outside the shower)  — you’ll use it more frequently that way!

4. You choose a moisturiser with bad ingredients

Your skin deserves nothing but the best! Like any good anti-ageing facial cream, a body moisturiser should feed the skin with moisturising and protective ingredients chosen to keep skin youthful, glowing, smooth and firm. Such as? The hydrating coconut and cacao oils and brightening tropical fruits in our velvety Body Moisture Whip. Buttery soft and totally non-greasy, the tropically-scented formula is bursting with fatty acids, antioxidants, natural enzymes and vitamins to nourish, soften and brighten thirsty skin.


5. You moisturise at the wrong time

Did you know it’s actually better if your skin is a little damp when you moisturise? This helps to lock in all that moisture and maintain a good level of hydration throughout the day. So instead of rubbing your skin vigorously with a towel, simply pat it until it’s mostly dry, and then apply your moisturiser.

6. You never switch moisturisers

Skin changes as we age. It will thus require different ingredients in your 30s then it did in your 20s, and so on for just about every decade.

If you move to a different climate, your skin may require less or more moisturiser. If you’re going through hormonal changes (eg. pregnancy), your skin will change too. Even if you change your diet, you’ll likely notice a change in your skin. To do: In general, be aware of your skin.

Watch how it reacts. If it starts to get too dry, dull or flaky, step up your moisture with a richer cream (like our Body Moisture Whip). If it’s too oily or your pores are clogged, try a different product. Don’t be afraid to change and try something else if you’re using isn’t working great.

How and when to use a body moisturiser

Just one application of our Body Moisture Whip will give you 24 hours of sweet, sweet hydration, so grab a generous amount, slather it on and massage it in, morning or night. (Or use twice daily if your skin is drier than the Sahara.) It’s best applied to clean skin, fresh out of the shower or bath, but feel free to use whenever your dry skin needs whipping into shape ☺ 

Pro-tip: Make sure you always apply after using our detoxifying Bounce Body Masque, or exfoliating with the Bali Buffing Sugar. And, for the ultimate Bali Bod experience – and glowing results – use our 3-step scrub, masque and moisturise Glow Figure routine once or twice a week.


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Written & Edited By: Vidhya


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29 Dec, 2020

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