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How to Use Self-Tanning Mist for a Party Season Glow

How to Use Self-Tanning Mist for a Party Season Glow

With our new Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist being released just in time for the party season, you might have a few questions. Like exactly how do you use a self-tanner mist for a bronzed and radiant face (and neck) these holidays? And will your tan glow the distance as you go from dinner to the dance floor, night after night?

Don’t worry, beauties – we won’t leave you stranded. In this handy how-to article, we’ll walk you through all the steps, tips and tricks to using face tanning mist for the perfect party season glow. Ready for a gorgeous, buildable, streak-free face tan? Let’s go!

How to apply a Face Tanning Micromist

How to Use the Micromist Self-Tanner Face Mist:

Whether you’re tanning your face or your bod, prep should always be a priority. This means exfoliating approximately 24 hours before you apply your self-tanning mist. Not only will you remove any dead, dry and dull ol’ skin cells, but you’ll be left with an even, long-lasting glow that will light up any room.

Once you’re ready to spritz, gently cleanse and dry your face. Then give your regular serums and moisturiser a miss for now. It’s best to apply our Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist (or any tanning mist) to clean, dry skin – free of other products. This is because your face cream can dilute the tanning active DHA. Or create a physical barrier that interferes with the product’s penetration.

That’s right, the application of our tanning mist couldn’t be easier! Apply directly on to the face and neck by spraying a light layer all over for instant hydration. Allow 30 seconds to absorb and then watch your luminous, hydrated glow develop fully over the next 6 hours. Or do like we do and apply before bed for beautifully bronzed skin come morning!

Pro-tip 1: To avoid getting any mist in your hair, protect your strands with a hair wrap. We’re giving ours away FREE with any purchase of our tanning micromist – but get in quick. This bonus offer applies for a limited time only!


Before after


Once your tanner’s applied, wait a few minutes to allow it to absorb. Then apply your favourite moisturiser to lock in all the hydrating, tanning and antioxidant goodness for plump, smooth, radiant skin. Just take care to avoid ingredients that boost cell turnover or promote exfoliation, such as retinol and hydroxy acids.

The quickest way to ruin that glow – and your night? Getting a nasty sunburn. Remember that a fake tan does not give you added sun protection (although our micromist is packed with protective and anti-ageing antioxidants!) and apply your SPF if you’re heading out after spritzing.

Self-tan is great, but glowing skin starts from within. And shielding against damaging UVA and UVB rays is the very best way to take care of it.

Want a deeper colour? Simply reapply your self-tanning mist as part of your nightly routine leading up to your special event. Then keep that glow going by topping up once or twice a week once you’ve nailed the ideal shade of bronze.

How Long Does the Self-Tanning Mist Last?

While the length of your tan depends on a number of factors, you can expect it to last about a week. However, there’s a few things you should consider to make your self-tan face mist last longer.

Top 2 tips to keep your glow going through a week of parties 

1. Avoid these ingredients to make your self-tanning mist last

You probably want your tan to last as long as possible, so it’s a good idea to steer clear of exfoliants like AHAs and salicylic acid (BHA) and retinoids  immediately after tanning. They will speed up the rate at which your skin cells shed. And, therefore, accelerate your fade.
You don’t have to avoid them altogether though. In fact, it’s ideal to reintroduce exfoliants after a day or two to help make your tan fade evenly. But give them a miss if you want your tan to be at its max power for back-to-back parties.

Here’s a recap of the skincare to use and avoid with fake tanner.


Self-tan for skincare lovers


2. Stay hydrated

One of the secrets to a longer-lasting tan (and surviving the party season) is hydration – and lots of it! Lucky for you, our self-tanning micromist is bursting to the brim with hydrating ingredients. As well as nourishing Bali-inspired botanicals like passionfruit, starfruit extract and guava, it contains hydration hero, Hyalurosmooth™.  

Delivering four times more hydration than hyaluronic acid, this plant extract boosts hydration by 40% in 30 minutes. So, it’s your BFF for plump, smooth, hydrated skin – and a long-lasting glow. 

However, don’t forget you still need to keep your skin hydrated in between applications with your favourite serum + moisturiser combo. And remember to sip on water in between cocktails.

How Long Does the Self-Tanning Mist Last?

No matter the season or the occasion, you can keep your face and body glowing and radiant by maintaining your routine. Check out the complete Coco & Eve collection of body products and self-tan products to keep your skin hydrated and luminous.

Happy glow-y holidays, everyone!


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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13 Dec, 2022

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