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How To Use A Body Scrub

How To Use A Body Scrub

Exfoliating your skin is one of the best ways to keep it looking and feeling soft, supple and healthy. And that goes for the skin on your body as well as your face! While there are a few different ways to exfoliate below the neck, for a silky-smooth finish, hydrated feel and maximum absorption of your bodycare prods, we recommend reaching for one of the best body scrubs your money can buy. 

Whether you have a fiver or a fifty to spare it doesn’t matter – there’s a body scrub to suit every budget and skin concern. But before we go shopping, let’s get back to the body scrubbing basics. This bumper guide explains how to use a body scrub, what you can expect from them, and why these small rituals really will get your skin glowing and help keep it looking youthful. Read on!


What is a Body Scrub?

A body scrub, as the name suggests, is a physical exfoliant designed to be used on the body in a ‘scrubbing’ motion. Helping to loosen and remove dead skin particles, body scrubs’ main job is to reveal the beautiful skin underneath. They do this thanks to tiny particles that are mixed in with a thick, spreadable paste to buff and cleanse the skin while sending dead skin particles packing. Even though our skin naturally sheds these dead cells over time, body scrubs help to create softer, smoother skin so much sooner.

While body scrubs might seem relatively new, they’ve been around for a REALLY long time. Because, while in the middle of inventing the pyramid and lots of other cool stuff, those clever Ancient Egyptians also created the body scrub. Back in the day, they used exfoliating scrubs infused with perfumed oils to help keep skin supple and counteract the dry desert heat. Pretty cool, huh?

How to Use a Body Scrub?

Ready to get scrubbing? Yeah, you are! Read on to learn how to use a body scrub in four simple steps:

Step 1: Skin Prep

The key to great exfoliation is to prep your skin thoroughly. Perfectly prepped skin will enable your body scrub to work its magic. And you know what they say – if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right!

To get started, take a nice, relaxing soak in either your shower or in a bath. The goal here is to make your skin damp and open your pores so you can get the full benefit of exfoliation. This will also soften the surface of your skin so your dead skin cells will give way more easily. And if you’re due for a shave? Exfoliate beforehand to reduce the chances of irritation. As an added bonus, you’ll achieve a cleaner shave because all of the gunk surrounding your hair follicles will be lifted.



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Step 2: Apply

This part is going to be messy but oh-so-worth-it. While standing up, apply a generous amount of body scrub onto your damp skin and massage in circular motions. We recommend working the scrub from the top of your body down to reduce the amount of mess. Additionally, your scrub will have the time to set before you’re ready to rinse. So, go from across your chest, down your tummy and back, then finish by working it down your bum and your limbs. 

Step 3: Scrub

Now, it’s time to scrub-a-dub-dub! To step up your body exfoliation game, try using a loofah, brush or pad instead of your hands. These shower tools will help to increase the exfoliating action of your body scrub. However, if using them it’s important to remember to use much gentler movements than you’d do with your hands – as over aggressive scrubbing can be irritating to your skin. 



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Step 4: Rinse

After you’re done scrubbing, you’re ready to rinse! Hop back in the shower or bath and rinse the body scrub off your body. Repeat the massaging motions around your body, brushing off any excess exfoliating particles as you go. Additionally, we recommend rinsing off the product in the same order that you put it on.

Now, all that’s left to do is finish your shower or bath, pat yourself dry and take in your cleaner, softer, fresher skin. And if you want to take your skincare routine to new heights? Go ahead and slather on your favourite moisturiser to lock in hydration.  

How Often Should I Use Body Scrubs?

Now that you know how to use a body scrub, it’s time to discuss how often you should actually exfoliate. Body exfoliation takes some time, so we don’t recommend doing it when you have to be out of the door in 30 minutes. It’s also important to give your skin time to breathe between exfoliation sessions, so we don’t recommend using a body scrub more than 2-3 times a week. 

This frequency will help keep your skin balanced while also preventing irritation. But, at the end of the day, you know your skin best. So, if you feel like you need to exfoliate more or less often, you do you!

Like a good skincare routine that you tailor to your skin type, you need to exfoliate based on your skin’s needs. So, if your skin is drier in the winter, consider using your body scrub a little less often. Or, if you have acne-prone, oily skin, try exfoliating a little more regularly. If you don’t know what to do in terms of your skin, there’s nothing wrong with a little trial and error – just pay attention to your skin’s changes and go from there.

Also remember that the only way to see consistent results is to commit to using your fave body scrub each week. Over time you’ll find a big improvement in your skin’s texture and radiance. What’s not to love?


Ready to Get a Scrub Down?

If you’re in the market for an amazing body scrub, look no further than Coco & Eve’s Bali Buffing Sugar. The botanical-infused triple-exfoliating sugar scrub is gentle, natural and designed to boost circulation, while instantly smoothing and renewing dull skin. From achieving a perfect tan to getting firmer, more youthful skin, our scrub can help you reach your skin goals in no time at all. 

Check out our Coco & Eve Bali Buffing Sugar today!


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