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How to Tan in Winter

How to Tan in Winter

While we all love a faux glow in summer, there’s no reason to stop fake tanning in winter. In fact, with colder temperatures and longer nights, there’s no better time to indulge in some mood-enhancing self-care. 

Cold weather does sap skin of hydration, though, so some extra tanning TLC is needed. Thankfully, we’ve got all the intel you need to perfect your prep and prolong that glow.

So, to learn how to tan in winter – and chase away those seasonal blues – read on. 

Slough away that dry, winter skin

Thanks to heating, hot showers and low humidity, most of us experience drier, flakier skin during winter. And, since self-tanner clings to dry old skin like flies to a picnic, regular skin-sloughing is essential. Especially 24 hours* before tanning.

Using an exfoliating mitt, gently exfoliate your bod from the feet upwards, paying extra attention to dry areas like your elbows and knees. Or, if you want a little pampering, try a body scrub. Boosting circulation and fighting bumps and stretch marks, our Bali Buffing Sugar nourishes and revitalises skin as it smooths. 

*Why 24 hours? This ensures you’ve not only removed dead skin but also washed away any oils or residue left on the skin by your body scrub.  



Go for a subtle, natural glow

To ensure your tan looks nice and natural for the winter, consider taking your tanning hue down a notch.

If your skin tone’s now a little paler, consider going one shade lighter (think Medium instead of Dark). Or stick with a single layer of tan if you usually double down for extra oomph. 

Using a rapid tan like our Bali Bronzing Foam? You might also want to wash your skin after the minimum 2 hours. Remember that leaving tan on overnight will give a deeper, darker tan, so experiment with your timing until you get your winter routine down pat.



Moisturise – then moisturise some more

For the reasons already mentioned, winter skin is usually quite a bit drier. This makes moisturising more crucial than ever if you want an even, radiant glow. With zero streaks, patches or weirdness going on as your colour starts to fade.

Slathering on a nourishing body cream or lotion after you shower is an easy way to lock in moisture and prolong your tan. Rich in antioxidants and cellulite-fighting amino acids, our Glow Figure Body Moisture Whip will get you glowing. Better yet, it also comes in two tropical scents that’ll transport you right back to summer. 

Stick with gradual tanning drops for your face

The best way to tan your face in winter is with tanning drops. Full stop. Highly concentrated, tan drops allow you to build a super-subtle, custom glow simply by adding a few drops to your daily moisturiser. 

Ideal for the face, most formulas contain extra hydrating ingredients that help combat seasonal dehydration. In the Sunny Honey range, our Bronzing Face Drops are enriched with 5 types of hyaluronic acid, plus fig and coconut water, to keep skin plump, hydrated and radiant. They’re also alcohol-free which prevents dry skin and keeps your tan from fading unevenly. 


Skip your covered-up bits

During summer, an all-over tan is the best way to make sure you’re never caught unprepared in a backless dress or bikini. But in winter, when day-to-day clothes are much more covered up, you can totally get away with tanning only what’s necessary.

So, if your legs never see the light of day? Feel free to skip them. Just make sure you don’t do anything weird like tan your face but neglect your neck. And remember your hands are always a give-away, so apply a little lotion to them if you’re doing your face, neck and dec.


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Take care with your hands

Speaking of hands, these tend to be extra dry – and thirsty – in winter. To make sure they don’t gobble up your self-tanner and end up orange, use a tanning mitt to apply your tan. 

Keep a nourishing hand cream in your handbag/bathroom/by the bed and apply throughout the day. Especially after washing your hands.

When tanning, it’s also a good idea to apply a little moisturiser to your knees, ankles, elbows and knuckles beforehand. This will serve as a barrier cream and prevent your drier areas from ending up unnaturally dark.  

So, now you know how to tan in winter and keep your glow going all year round.

Made a mistake? Don’t panic – we’ve all been there. From exfoliating to soaking in the tub or using some lemon juice, here’s how to remove fake tan. Fast. 

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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited by: Vidhya


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30 Dec, 2021

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