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How to Repair Damaged Hair with Our New Mask

split photo with a before and after of a woman's curly hair and a fruit basket with the sweet repair hair mask in it

Strands fried from heat styling, chemical straightening or looking straw-like after years of bleaching? Don’t stress – our all-new Sweet Repair Hair Mask is here to transform your tresses. Repairing all types of damaged hair in just 5 minutes!

Packed with super-high-performing actives like biomimetic ceramides and revitalising botanicals, this miracle mask helps strengthen and repair damaged and ultra-dry hair. As soon as the very first use. 

Want to know how it’s clinically proven to strengthen strands by 85% and improve the life of brittle, breakage-prone and split end-ravaged locks in just minutes? Read on. Here’s how to repair damaged hair (stat) with our Sweet Repair Mask. AND keep future follicular freakouts at bay.

But first, how does hair become damaged?  

If your hair’s looking dull, feeling dryer than usual, or suddenly experiencing more frizz, chances are it’s damaged. Split ends or strands that snap off in your hands are also pretty clear indicators your hair is having a rough time. 

Heat styling, colouring and chemical processes are typically to blame for stressed strands, but you can also damage hair with sun or chlorine exposure. As well as the wrong hair products and too much friction, from rough towel drying, for example. (Which is always a don’t.)

When hair is damaged, its outmost, shingled layer, the cuticle, can become roughed up or cracked – allowing moisture to escape. Hair becomes more porous and is much more prone to breakage. And colour also fades faster. 

Repairing damage doesn’t have to take forever, though. Here’s how to accelerate it and maintain healthy hair in the long term with our all-new Sweet Repair Mask. 

How our new mask can restore damaged hair

Boost hydration by 26%

It’s no secret that constant heat styling and chemical processing can leave hair drier than the Sahara Desert. Thankfully, your new favourite follicle-saving formula is clinically proven to replenish lost moisture – increasing hydration by 26%

How? By bringing in everyone’s favourite moisture-binding molecule, hyaluronic acid. Able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid delivers instant and lasting hydration. And it’s a key ingredient in our ultra-nourishing Sweet Repair Hair Mask.

Not only will your re-hydrated hair feel softer and look shinier after masking up, it’ll also be more resilient. Meaning? There's much less chance of damage and breakage. Sounds pretty sweet to us

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Reduce damage by 65%, breakage by 71%, and split ends by 56%

As much as we love hyaluronic acid, the major hair-repairing heavy hitters in the mask are biomimetic ceramides. New to Coco & Eve, these have been created to mimic the ceramides (a type of lipid) naturally found in your outermost hair layer. Or cuticle. 

Reinforcing the hair fibre, ceramides play a vital strand-strengthening role. Smoothing down the hair cuticle, they improve your hair’s moisture retention and elasticity, while also boosting shine. Helping address daily physical damage, they increase the resistance in the hair fibres to reduce damage and strengthen the hair shaft. 

(Our Sweet Repair mask is clinically proven to: reduce hair damage by 65%, breakage by 71% and split ends by 56%.)

As chemical processes deplete your ceramide store, replenishing your natural supply with biomimetic ceramides is an easy way to smooth your locks and reduce wear and tear. So, for dry, depleted hair, it’s ceramides for the win!

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Improve hair strength by 85% and smoothness by 22% 

Keratin is a protein that makes up the bulk of your strands1. It’s super-important for the hair’s structural integrity – keeping it strong, healthy, and preventing breakage. And guess what? It can be depleted by your hair habits. 

Colouring and chemically straightening or curling hair can change the protein structure of your strands – causing keratin to leach out for finer, more fragile strands. However, you can help remedy the situation with intensive at-home treatments. Like our Sweet Repair Hair Mask – formulated with a vegan keratin complex to restore strength and shine. 

Smoothing down the cuticle, the plant-based chain of amino acids replicates the performance of keratin to give you full and glossy locks. After using the mask, hair is less frizzy, more manageable, and easier to style. 

Our mask is clinically proven to improve hair strength by 85%. After 4 hours in extreme humidity conditions, hair treated with our mask was 22% smoother than non-treated hair.



Revitalise strands with botanicals – and boost shine by 46% 

As with all our Bali-inspired haircare prods, the Super Repair Mask is brimming with tropical fruits and powerhouse botanicals. Not only does the strengthening formula smell and feel heavenly, our vitamin-rich tropical fruit complex also helps revitalise ultra-dry, damaged and split-end ravaged hair. 

Banana, avocado, guava, rambutan and our famous raw virgin coconut are brimming with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients. These incredible ingredients are just what’s needed to restore damaged hair. And, paired with our biomimetic ceramides and vegan keratin, they help increase shine by almost 50%. Meanwhile, antioxidants help protect hair against external aggressors.

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Reduce pollution damage by 50%

Our mask also contains ResistHyal™ – a haircare active that acts as a 7-in-1 strand enhancer. A multifunctional patented bio-active ingredient, it acts on keratin infrastructure to offer multiple benefits including increased hydration, moisture retention and softness. It also tightens cells of the hair cuticle to increase protection and reduces particle adhesion from pollution. Our mask reduces pollution damage by 50%

Containing an optimised ratio of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, ResistHyal™ hydrates strands and creates a moisturising film around the hair fibre. It provides volume and promotes shine, while smoothing any frizz. 

So, if your crowning glory’s looking less than glorious, never fear – intense repair is (almost) here! Our Sweet Repair Hair Mask is landing on the 26th May. That’s just 6 sleeps if you’re counting – we know we are!

Or, if you’re after a moisturising weekly hair mask or daily detangling and protection, shop our Like A Virgin Hair Masque and new Leave-In Conditioner now. 


 *Results are based on a clinical trial using 21 subjects.



1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4201279/ 

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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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22 May, 2022

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