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How to Repair Damaged Hair When You Can

How to Repair Damaged Hair When You Can

With the global coronavirus health crisis sending hair salons into hibernation, you might be worried about your bad hair days stretching into bad hair weeks and – dare we say it –months. But rest assured – whether dry, damaged, flat, frizzy or dull, if lockdown’s got your locks down, we’ve got the solution!

Before you start crying into your apple quarantini, read on. Here’s how to repair damaged hair when you can’t get to the salon.


1. Give hair a holiday from heat styling

The silver lining of having literally no social life right now? The opportunity to slop around in your comfiest house clothes, with no makeup, no discernible hair do and nobody but the dog around to judge you. 

The lockdown life presents the perfect opportunity to give your stressed, over-handled tresses a much-needed holiday from damaging heat styling. So, down tools for a while and lean in to a more natural vibe. Your hair will thank you!


2. Add hydration and smooth split ends with a hair mask

Damaged or problematic hair is often dry hair, and a hydrating, nourishing hair masque can do wonders to strengthen, condition and repair. Bursting with nourishing fig and coconut, shea butter and linseed and argan oils, our Bali-inspired Like A Virgin Hair Masque is a 5-in-1 treatment that revives hair from root to tip. Used 1-3 times weekly, it locks moisture into the cuticle, delivering incredible shine and softness, while smoothing split ends and preventing breakage. 

Pro-tip: Pop your LAV Masque on before your next WFH conference call – just remember to turn off the camera (or pop on our super-cute hair wrap)!

3. Avoid brushing wet hair

To avoid putting strain on your strands when they’re at their most fragile, resist going at wet hair with your regular brush! Instead, gently detangle and smooth wet hair with a brush designed especially for this purpose. With its unique two-tiered technology, a Tangle Tamer* will wrangle the unruliest wet hair into submission, without causing unnecessary breakage

*Free with our Like A Virgin Hair Masque

4. Sleep in your hair mask for extra intensive repair

If your hair is super-fried, parched and unruly, try leaving your hair mask on overnight for extra-intensive repair and hydration. Apply a generous amount of the Like A Virgin Hair Masque, then wrap your hair up in our Microfibre Towel Wrap to keep sheets clean as you sleep. Rinse out in the AM and you’ll see – and feel – the difference!


5. Hack your hair mask for MAJOR results

Love your Like A Virgin Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque, but wanna go extra for your next #selfiso pamper session? Then check out these DIY hair mask hacks! Using kitchen and pantry staples, they’ll supercharge the benefits for serious repair and unBALIevable shine. 

6. Get your housemate to give you a trim

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and your house mate probably owes you one. So, if you simply cannot stand the site of your straggly strands for a moment more, ask them to pay up by giving you a trim. 

Live alone? Don’t fret. There are heaps on online tutorials, like this one for cutting straight hair and this curly girl inspo.

7. Avoid drying, chemical-packed shampoos

While we all love a foaming shampoo, some chemical-packed supermarket products sacrifice hair health for that squeaky-clean sensation. To keep hydrated and happy, it’s best to avoid sulphates (or sulfates). These are commonly used detergents (hello, SLS) that can strip the hair of natural oils and irritate those with sensitive scalps.


8. Pre-dry hair before blow drying

While hair stylists will debate the benefits of blow drying versus air drying, there’s one thing they all agree on. And that’s that vigorous towel drying can damage your hair. 

To dry hair fully, or reduce blow drying time drastically, try a microfibre towel wrap. Our Like A Virgin ultra-absorbent Hair Towel Wrap makes drying a breeze, while also reducing the friction, fly aways and frizziness caused by rubbing and wrapping hair in a regular cotton towel. 

Simply wrap your locks up for around half an hour – no rubbing required – and voila. Hair that’s (very near) dry with no damage caused. 


9. Mix up your hairstyle

Ponytail and top knot girls take note – wearing your hair in the same style day after day puts strain on your strands and can lead to breakage. And if your go-to is high, tight bun? You also run the risk of developing traction alopecia (hair loss)! So, make sure you loosen up a little from time to time, mix things up and opt for a non-damaging hair tie, like a trusty (and cool again) scrunchie. 

Tried & Tested

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these real results from real people! 


“Coco & Eve has made my hair MUCH healthier and shinier. Whether you're getting braids, blowouts, afros, hot combs, or flat irons hair styles, Coco & Eve is a MUST for anyone who wants healthy, strong, smooth hair."


 "Because of all the bleaching I've done, my hair was starting to become very dry and brittle. After using this hair mask once a week my hair has literally been brought back to life."


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14 May, 2020

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