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How To Self-Tan Your Face & More Using Tan Drops

self tan drops to tan your face

Now you’ve read all about the amazing benefits of tanning drops, you’re probably super eager to get glowing. And you definitely should! But, before you crack open our all-new Sunny Honey Facial Bronzing Drops, there are some tips and tricks you should definitely know. 

From when and where to how and how many, we’ve got all your application questions covered in our glow-to guide. Read on to discover the best way to incorporate tan drops into your routine for a beautifully bronzed complexion – every day of the year.


Start with clean, smooth skin

Just like any self-tanning foam, tan drops work best on a clean, dry surface. This means you should always cleanse your face (or body) to remove excess oil, makeup and impurities before using them. You’ll also get better results with a smooth surface, so remember to exfoliate before first use – ideally at least 6 hours prior. 

Our tip? Exfoliate at night before bed, then add drops to your skincare routine the next morning for an extra radiant faux glow.

Mix drops into your skincare products

They may be small, but our tanning drops are mighty – meaning a little goes a long way, and even application is essential. They should therefore always be mixed into your moisturiser (or serum, lotion, face oil etc), and never applied alone. This ensures a streak-free, uniform, natural-looking result you’ll love.

To use, start by squeezing your moisturiser directly into your palm. Shake the bronzing drops bottle, then gently tap your desired number of drops into the moisturiser. Mix with your finger until the drops are incorporated into the product – they should totally disappear. Apply all over the face, neck and chest, then wash hands thoroughly to avoid muddy palms. 

Got a bit trigger happy and dispensed too many drops? To avoid an ultra-dark result, you probably want to discard the cream and drops, rinse your hands and start again. Sorry!

Add a few drops to your daily moisturiser each morning

To boost your glow by lunchtime and protect your skin with antioxidants from tropical fruit extracts, try incorporating tan drops into your morning routine. You could mix them into your serum, moisturiser or even foundation – it depends on the texture of your product and how many drops you like to use. If unsure, however, moisturiser is the safest bet. (Note: we don’t recommend mixing into a sunscreen product.)

If applying a number of products, allow a few minutes for absorption between each layer. This is important after applying the drops to prevent any transfer. You can go ahead and apply makeup a few minutes after using your drops, but your skin will look so good, you probably won’t want to!

Boost your night cream for a gorgeous next-day glow

If you’re always in a rush in the mornings, our tan drops are also perfect for PM use. In fact, your skin does most of its repair work overnight, so it’s actually the ideal time to give it extra TLC (or Tanning Loving Care ☺)! Bursting with skin-loving tropical ingredients and moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid, our Facial Bronzing Drops are a great way to supercharge your night cream, so you’ll wake up looking well-rested, and gorgeously glowing!

Just remember, they’re not 100% transfer-proof, so it’s best to swap out the white silk pillowcase when using them before bed.

Turn your body lotion into a gradual tanner

Rules are made to be broken, and we also love using facial tanning drops on our legs, arms and, well, all over. While a tanning mousse (like our Bali Bronzing Foam) is definitely our top pick for body tanning, drops can also come in handy to intensify or prolong colour. 

While you’ll go through your tan drops significantly faster if using top-to-toe in the place of a body tanner, boosting your body lotion (or body whip) with some drops now and then (or even daily) is a great way to extend the life of your self-tan. You’ll obviously need far more drops than for the face, though, so you’ll need to play around until you find your golden number.


Reduce drops to maintain without building more colour

How many drops and how many days it takes to achieve your desired level of Bali bronze is quite variable. It depends on things like your skin tone, your personal preference and the colour of the self-tanner you’ve used on your body. 

When you’re first getting started with tanning drops, you might therefore want to err on the side of caution and take things slowly. This might mean you apply 2-3 drops for 2-3 days in a row. Whereas, when you’re a seasoned pro, you might prefer to add 5 drops, straight off the bat. 

Either way, once you’ve reached your ideal hue, it’s time to reduce the number of drops you’re using each day. This will keep your faux glow well-maintained, without your face becoming too dark, or a different colour to your body. 

Exfoliate as usual

One of the most common complaints we hear from self-tanners is that their regular skincare routine makes their face fade faster than their body. Ideal for daily use, tanning drops combat this, without you having to miss out on the skincare benefits of your favourite retinol and AHA products – notorious for stripping tan. 

Not only can you still exfoliate when using tan drops – you should! By removing any dull, dead skin cells, you’ll prevent patchiness and further enhance your glow.



Check out more tan tips & tricks here!


Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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04 Oct, 2020

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