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How To Wrap Your Hair - Tips & Tricks

How To Wrap Your Hair - Tips & Tricks
Hair wraps come in handy for all sorts of occasions. If you need a quick fix after waking up with tangly bedhead, or want to reduce overnight breakage, these hair wrap styles are sure to do the trick. Plus, a satin scarf wrapped in a variety of ways offers a gorgeous alternative to your usual hairstyle!

What is a Hair Wrap?

For those new to hair wrapping, using one involves smoothing out loose strands of hair, brushing the hair close, and tying a satin scarf around your head to keep the hairs in place. If you have especially thick or long hair, bobby pins are great for keeping everything in place and secure.

Using satin is important, as other types of fabric (like cotton) absorb moisture from your hair and can cause dryness or even breakage. Plus, it preserves natural curls and looks elegant in the process. If you have a really lovely, patterned scarf you’re dying to use but it’s not satin don’t worry. Simply wear a satin scarf underneath your desired wrap to keep your hair happy and healthy. 

Tips for Wrapping Your Hair

The first thing to do is identify your purpose. No, not your life’s purpose (though that does matter!). Consider the reasons you’re wrapping your hair. For style? To repair frizzy or damaged follicles? In our guide below, we break down a few stellar options for stunning hair wrap styles no matter the occasion.

A few quick tips:

  • Keep it simple! If you’re new to wrapping your hair, starting with something simpler will prevent any accidental damage to your hair.

  • Find the right size scarf! If your satin head scarf is too large or too small, you’ll be left with excess fabric or, contrarily, will run out of real estate! 22 to 28 inches square is a good standard to go by, though this depends a lot on how it’ll be used. We often recommend using a square head scarf if possible, as they’re easier to work with than oblong shapes and are more versatile stylistically.


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Step-by-Step Hair Wrapping 

There are seemingly infinite ways to wrap your hair — for both fashion purposes, and for sleep. Hair wrap styles for wearing around town can be used at night, too, with the main difference being how tightly you do it, as looser hair scarves can fall out or be less secure as you toss about during sleep.

Before you pick your style and learn how to wrap hair for your desired purpose, follow these key steps:

Detangle! Comb out any knots, brushing in a consistent direction being sure to cover the full length of your hair all the way to the roots. You can use a hair serum or oil, such as jojoba or coconut, to slick your hair down and bring it closer to your head. This makes wrapping it a much cleaner process, keeping your hair in check by boosting hydration and smoothing frizz.

Note that your hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed, though feel free to shampoo and condition if you have the time or are due for a good scrub. (Just make sure your hair has completely dried before wrapping!)

Part Your Hair. Divide your hair into two mirrored, even halves. Parting down the middle simplifies tying your hair wrap, keeping things hassle-free.

Wrap Your Hair. Use a comb or soft-bristled brush, like a paddle brush, to smooth strands of hair. Make sure you’re holding your hair in place to keep hair from falling loose. Starting at the middle part, brush your hair in a consistent direction until it has wrapped all the way around your head to where you started.

If hair keeps falling loose in a particular spot, you can use a bobby pin to keep it secure! As shorter hair won’t wrap all the way around your head, you’ll definitely need to do this somewhere along the back of your head depending on hair length. Keep brushing in the same direction around your head until you’ve come full circle. Now, you’re ready to add your satin hair scarf.

The following head wrap styles can be used to tie your satin scarf, or for the patterned scarf of your choice tied over the top of your satin scarf. Be sure to tuck the edges and flatten any loose hairs under as needed.


The Middle Bun

Step One: Fold your scarf in half, into a triangle. 

Step Two: With the triangle facing forward, place the scarf over your head, making sure the flat edge rests at the back of your head evenly. Tie the two ends together at the front of your head, over the triangle, and pull tight.

Step Three: Adjust and twist the middle triangle so that the outer part of the scarf faces forward. Pull it backwards over your head. Tie the left and right ends of your scarf together again and tuck them in along the side. Tweak, adjust, and fluff as needed.

The Headband

Step One: Put your hair into a high bun, if it’s not in one already.

Step Two: Fold your headwrap in half, placing it flush against the back of your head. Pull the ends towards the front, tying them into a knot at the center just below your hairline.

Step Three: Pull the loose ends of fabric coming off the knot back, and tuck beneath the edge along the rear of your head. Depending on your scarf size, this may be along the side or closer to the nape of your neck. A nice angle here looks really pretty and gives your face a defined pizzazz.


The Bun Cover

Step One: To start, put your hair into a bun if it’s not already there. Bun placement closer to the crown of your head is optimal. Fold your head scarf in half, in a triangle shape.

Step Two: Being sure to cover your bun completely, lay the scarf over your head with the point of the triangle facing forward. Tie the two ends, left and right, together at your forehead. 

Step Three: Fold the middle triangle piece up, grabbing the left end of the scarf and twisting it together. Tuck the fabric in, along the side of the scarf. Repeat the process for the right side. Make any adjustments to or tucks to your satin hair scarf as needed.

Hair Wrapping Takeaways

While this is by no means a definitive list, we hope these three head wrap styles and techniques will give you some added style or rejuvenation! At Coco & Eve, we’re obsessed with all things hair, no matter what type. And if you’re still looking for tips, check out our blog for more fun ideas and inspiration.

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