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How to Use A Hair Mask To Achieve Luscious Locks

How to Use A Hair Mask To Achieve Luscious Locks

If you’re as obsessed with healthy, radiant hair as we are then you’re going to want to try this! You’ve likely used some type of leave-in hair treatment such as a deep conditioner or protein treatment for heat damaged hair, but have you tried a mask? Just like cosmetic face masks, hair masks nourish, hydrate, and heal hair so you can look your best.

We’ve put together some tips for how to use a hair mask, as well as a rundown of hair mask benefits to help you decide if, or when, a mask is what you need. These work great because they’re both restorative and preventative, meaning that whether you have healthy or damaged hair you can’t go wrong!



Hair Mask Benefits

There are many benefits to doing a mask at home, whether you’ve gone the DIY route or picked up your favorite from the store. Hair masks are much stronger than traditional shampoos or conditioners, meaning that a single use can give your hair a noticeable boost!

Owing to the concentration of oils and natural ingredients, many masks are rich in lipids, antioxidants, and vitamins such as B and E which strengthen hair cells. Vitamin E repairs dry, damaged skin on your scalp, fortifies hair roots, and helps maintain hair growth. Oils and butters, on the other hand, lock in moisture, tame frizz, smooth split ends, and restore your hair’s natural lustre without weighing it down. (So if you have dry or frizzy hair look out — hair masking might be your new best friend!)

Using a hair mask for damaged hair or healthy hair? In both cases you’ll get a softened, detangled, and radiant look! Plus, stronger and healthier hair means less breakage in the future. If you’re looking for a place to start, try our award-winning Like a Virgin Nourishing Hair Masque. It’s made with moisturizing fig, shea butter, argan and linseed oils, coconut, and restores hair to its gorgeous, effortless state in only 10 minutes.


How to Apply a Hair Mask Step-by-Step

Applying a hair mask is quick and easy! Even if you’re new to this and are unsure of how to use a mask, don’t worry. You’re essentially just working the creamy mask into your hair, covering it for a specified time, and then rinsing. From there you can style, dry, or do whatever you do to your hair that you enjoy! Below are our step-by-step hair mask instructions.

Some quick tips before you get started:

  • Drape an old shirt or towel over your shoulders to keep any oils or mask product from dripping onto your clothes (even if they are pajamas).

  • You can use either your fingers or a small brush to paint and dab the mask into your hair. Use a brush if you want to be more precise and make less mess. Use your fingers to massage the ingredients between the strands, almost rolling the hair together in a flattening motion.

  • For longer hair, use hair clips to section off your hair to keep things organised!

Step One: Wash

You’ll want to begin by washing your hair if it’s not clean already. This helps remove excess dirt and oils, allowing the mask to really work into nooks and crannies of your hair. Once washed, towel-dry.

Unless the directions specify otherwise, you can apply a hair mask to dry or slightly damp hair. For oilier masks, make sure your hair is fully dry as water repels oil and can keep the mask from living up to its potential.


Step Two: Apply

Starting at your roots, gradually apply the mask to your awaiting hair. Massage it in thoroughly and evenly, section by section, working toward the ends. Generously apply the product to your scalp if you want to target dandruff! Comb through your hair with your fingers to make sure you have a nice, even coating..

Step Three: Wrap

Place a shower cap or plastic wrap of some kind over your hair to keep things sealed. Note that the cap can be rubbing up against your hair here, but it shouldn’t be plastered to it like a second mask! It’s also a good idea to wrap a towel over the cap to prevent any dripping, and to lock in heat which helps the absorption process.



Step Four: Wait

Allow your hair mask to work its magic by waiting the specified time on the label’s instructions. If you used a DIY mask, check the recipe as some ingredients are best left in for up to several hours! Most hair masks should take around 20 to 30 minutes to sit before rinsing.

Step Five: Rinse

Rinse your mask thoroughly using cool water until all of the product has been washed out! (Not hot!) The cool water locks in the nutrients and seals your hair’s protective outer layer, the cuticle. Once rinsed, feel free to heat-dry, towel-dry, or style your hair as you would normally. Now, your hair should be feeling smooth and wonderful! 

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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Vidhya


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05 Oct, 2021

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