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How to Heal Fried Hair

Image of Coco & Eve Hair Rescue Kit on the left and a before and after image of a women on the right

Whether you’ve been spending time in the sun or just overdoing the balayage a bit lately, if your hair is feeling a bit frazzled then you’re not alone! Now’s the perfect time to focus on getting your hair back into a good condition, starting with our Hair Rescue Bundle!


OK, why does my hair feel so fried right now? 

There’s all kinds of different reasons that hair damage can happen. In fact, there’s four main categories: sun, heat, chemical and mechanical damage… and we’re probably guilty of all of them tbh!

If you’ve been on a tropical vaycay, then we love that for you. All the sun, sea and swimming pools could definitely have taken their toll on your tresses, though. Even if you’ve just been at work, things like heat styling and bleaching can leave your hair feeling overwhelmed! 

Whether you’re heading into autumn or spring weather where you are in the world, this transitional time is so perfect for prepping your hair for the switch-up. For saying goodbye to bad habits and hello to glossy, healthy-looking locks.

A girl with pink hair showing the before and after of using Coco & Eve products. Shop now

So, what can I do to help my hair heal?  

First up, take a look at your lifestyle lately. Spot any red flags? (you know, other than in your dating life because… same). Everyone’s hair and routine is different, but if you already know that you love a bouncy blow dry then remembering to use heat protection could be a good place to start. Likewise, if your hair stylist gives you serious side eye for the amount of split ends you have because you don’t get regular trims then now’s probably the time to book an appointment! 

Think about the products you’re using, too. Maybe it’s time to reach for something a bit more hydrating and hard-working. Which is why we’ve put together our Hair Rescue Bundle, a trio of our replenishing faves in one reusable tote bag. 

Think of it as the best restart you can give your haircare routine. Plus, you’ll be saving more than just your hair because there’s 20% off as well!

Let’s check out what’s inside…

Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment 

Hands holding the Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Shop the Hair Rescue Bundle now

It’s almost like coloured and chemically-treated hair manifested this formula, that’s how good it is. Our micro 3D bond-building technology builds long-lasting bonds for stronger, healthier, more resilient-feeling hair. In fact, it’s clinically proven to reduce hair breakage by 85%*

Just apply onto damp hair from root to tip and leave on for 10 minutes before you shampoo!

Miracle Hair Elixir  

A bottle of Miracle Hair Elixir between a pair of hair straighteners. Shop the Hair Rescue Bundle now

This multi-tasking hair oil is such a game-changer. It absorbs so fast, instantly helping to protect hair from UV damage, heat styling up to 220°c and more. It boosts hydration and tames frizz, as well as restoring softness, shine and gloss, making your hair feel good as new in no time. To prep your hair for styling, dispense a couple of drops between your palms and apply on dry or damp hair from mid-lengths to ends.

Sweet Repair Mask  

A jar of Sweet Repair hair mask. Shop the Hair Rescue Bundle now

This is literally everything when it comes to hair damage! Biomimetic ceramides, vegan keratin complex and hyaluronic acid help reduce signs of hair weakness and combat the effects of heat, chemical damage and colouring. All that in just five minutes? Yes, please. 

Just comb through your hair after shampooing and let it get to work while you finish showering, then rinse away and dry gently. 

The dream team 

An image showing the Hair Rescue Bundle. Shop now

We think you’re gonna love this kit. It’s already been a real life-saver for us, that’s for sure. Let us know what you think by leaving us a review or tagging us in your hair reset transformations!


Written By: Aimee 

Edited by: Iris


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24 Aug, 2023

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