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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Using Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Using Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops

Keen to use our Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops but a bit unsure exactly how to use them? Don’t stress! We teamed up with our Product Scientist, Alexa Dinant, to put together this detailed guide that tackles all your FAQs…from pro tips on how, when and where to apply to the important question of mixers, this is your ultimate face drops bible. Let the tan-formation begin!

Tip: Be gentle as you press the button at the bottom of the tube as it dispenses easily!

1. How do I dispense the product?

To dislodge the perfect drop, twist the lid to remove, flip your Bronzing Face Drops upside down, and press down on the raised semi-circle button on the bottom of the tube. Be sure to be gentle as they come out super easily!

2. Where can I use face drops? 

Tan drops are designed to be used as a gradual self-tanner on the face, neck and decolletage. They deliver natural-looking, buildable colour and a truly custom facial tan. For glowing, even tone body looks, you can also mix them with your favourite body lotion. However we recommend the use of  Sunny Honey tanning foam to achieve a deep, rich hue with a single application.

3. When should I apply them?

The best part about our face drops, it can be applied at any time of day! “Apply in the morning for a healthy glow during the day, or at night for a next-day-ready result!” Alexa recommends. 

While your tan will start to show up after about 2 hours, it takes 8 hours for it to fully set. Facial movement and layering products during this time may affect the result, so to be sure to let the magic happen uninterrupted.


4. How many drops should I use?

There is no 100% clear cut answer to this one, as it depends on your skin tone and how often you’re using the drops. However, for the face/neck/dec we recommend fairer skins start with 1-2 drops – remembering you can apply daily to build colour – while medium to deeper skin-tones should go for 2-3 generous drops. But don’t fret too much. Since it’s a gradual tanner that gives a gorgeous, gradual fade, you really can’t mess things up!

Alexa’s recommendation: “For best results, dispense 2-3 drops with a pea-sized moisturiser in the palm of your hand. Mix and apply uniformly on the face, neck and décolletage.”

Another thing to note, feel free to experiment with the drop counts to find what suits you best, but please do not exceed 3 drops per application.

5. How often do I apply them?

It’s totally up to you! You can definitely use tan drops up to twice daily for a gorgeous glow, but 2 or 3 times a week is also fine. You might, for example, want to use 3 days running to build up to your ideal tan, then maintain this by applying a reduced number of drops every second day.  

One thing to remember: your face fades faster than your body due to the twice-daily cleansing and use of products like chemical exfoliants. Tan drops are the perfect way to top up colour and combat faux tan fade out!

6. Can I apply face drops directly to skin?

The simple answer to this is, ‘no’. Tan drops are super-concentrated, so they need to be used with a mixer to ensure an even application and a natural, all-over glow. Our drops are also packed with hyaluronic acid, so they’re a great way to boost your skincare products for a healthy, extra-radiant complexion.

“I really like the subtle change of colour and healthy sun-kissed glow with no over saturation of orange along my hairline or noticeable tinted pores of patches!” - VIP Customer, Rose, uses 3 drops!

7. What can I mix them with?

Tan drops can be mixed with your favourite moisturiser, night cream or serum for even more skin benefits AND a gradual, buildable glow. Simply squeeze your product into your palm, drop in your ideal number of drops, mix until drops disappear, then apply serum/moisturiser to your skin. If you do apply tan drops in the morning instead of at night? Remember that a faux glow offers no additional sun protection and make sure you always follow with your SPF!

8. Anything I should do before applying face drops?

For longer lasting results, Alexa highly recommends gently exfoliating before use.

9. How should I apply them?

Application is best done using your hands, but you can also use a sponge or other type of applicator if you prefer. Mix as described above, apply, and – If going hands on – make sure you wash your hands immediately afterwards to avoid muddy palms.

Moisturisers rich in peptides, ceramides and anti-oxidants help boost results!

10. Any products to avoid whilst using face drops?

A good rule of thumb: Avoid products with Vitamin A (retinol), B, C, D, AHAs and BHAs as they may exfoliate your tan, causing it to appear uneven and fade faster.

On the other hand, to boost your tan results, opt to mix with peptide-rich moisturisers/lotions.

11. Anything I shouldn't do after applying face drops?

For best results you should wait for your tan drops to set before cleansing skin or applying makeup. This is why it might be more convenient to apply at night. If morning application is more convenient though, go for it. For uniform results, Alexa advises to avoid exercise or other sweat-inducing activities for up to 2-hours after application, as the sweat may rinse the product off. 

Pro-tip: It’s best to avoid layering products on top of tan drops. This applies for most products, but NOT for sunscreen! Never skip the SPF. 

12. How do I remove face drops?

If for some (inexplicable) reason you do want to shorten the lifespan of your tan, use an exfoliator or use a tan remover! While toners and micellar water might contain active ingredients that could potentially cause the tan to fade, it's best advised to use an exfoliator/tan remover and follow with a gentle face wash to remove any excess product on the skin.

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Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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19 Nov, 2020

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