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How Each U.S. State Practices Their Self Care Night Routine for a Night In

Woman enjoying a night in at home

When your social battery is drained and the thought of a night out on the town is too tiring to entertain, there’s nothing more enticing than winding down with the perfect self-care night routine. We wanted to discover how each state fills that gap in their schedule when they say no to their friends so they can say yes to a night in! Perhaps it's a glass of red wine paired with an episode of The Bachelorette, a rejuvenating face mask, or endless snacks and movie marathons. While it may be tempting to avoid canceling plans—spending time alone and practicing a self-care night routine can do wonders for your mental health! So, if you need to press pause on your social life for some “me time,” then look no further. Discover the best self-care night ideas and which states know how to treat themselves like royalty during a night in.


We surveyed 3,500 participants for two weeks in June 2022, including 1,000 participants for the nationwide survey and 50 participants per state. We also used Google Trends data from the past year to find out which shower product each state covets the most. 

To discover each state’s ultimate night-in, we asked questions like “Do you ever feel FOMO (fear of missing out) when you have a night in and your friends are having a night out?” and “What are you drinking on your ideal night in?” Places like Alaska, the District of Columbia, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming were not included due to limited survey respondents. 

If you need more ideas for things to do alone at night to unwind and chill—then keep reading to discover all of the juicy answers!

How Each U.S. State Takes A Night In

Graphic showcasing how each state takes a night in
Graphic showcasing how each state takes a night in
Graphic showcasing how each state takes a night in


While a breakup or another random circumstance might lead to a Saturday night alone, it’s also the perfect excuse to pamper yourself for a night in with a proper self-care night routine. In 1972, one college student spent 174 hours in the shower, shattering world records. You don’t have to shower for over a week during your night in, but it’s no secret that each state loves a long hot shower, especially in places like Missouri (62%) and Maine (59%). Who doesn’t love turning up the temp, fogging up the mirror, and relaxing under the water while all of your problems wash down the drain?

While all states overwhelmingly preferred ordering takeout compared to cooking a meal at home, 76% of participants from Massachusetts and Washington were in favor of picking up greasy Chinese food, or whatever else floats their boat. With iconic eats like lobster rolls, Indian-fusion dishes, and their very own Chinatown—it’s no wonder Massachusettsans prefer ordering from their local food scene for a night in. Plus, nothing says self-care like a full tummy!

Participants from states like Colorado (24%), Hawaii (23%), Texas (16%), and Maine (16%) like to sip on tea for a night in while beer drinkers cracked open a cold one in places like Maine (16%) and Wisconsin (23%). Breweries like the Marshall Wharf Brewing Company, located on the Belfast waterfront in Maine, serve beer with creative names like Yippee-Ki-Yay, MF—a Spiced Amber Ale with notes of ginger, cinnamon, and orange—and other drinks like the Sexy Chaos Russian Imperial Stout—flavored with chocolate, dark caramel, and vanilla. It may be enough to convince a wine drinker to switch sides.

The Most Popular Shower Product in Every U.S. State

U.S. map showcasing the most popular shower product in every U.S. state
U.S. map showcasing the most popular shower product in every U.S. state
U.S. map showcasing the most popular shower product in every U.S. state


There’s nothing like freshly shaven legs, moisturizing body butter, and an oversized bathrobe to help your stress melt away. When it comes to shower must-haves, California, Nevada, and New Jersey all prefer hair masks. With the humidity and pollution in California and Nevada wreaking havoc on hair, it’s no wonder they had the highest search interest for these magic hair elixirs. Might we suggest our Like a Virgin Hair Masque, which restores dry damaged hair to shiny, soft locks with ingredients like shea butter and argan oil.

Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon gravitated toward pumice stones, which are porous-like stones used to remove calluses from the feet while promoting blood flow. Both Arizona and New Mexico are some of the sunniest states in the U.S., which could be one reason why their skin needs a little extra TLC on a self-care night. 

Eucalyptus was the most beloved shower product in Hawaii. Located in Maui, the Mōhalu by Spa Grande is the largest spa in Hawaii and features warm stone massages, volcanic pumice foot scrubs, and eucalyptus steam rooms! Perhaps, residents of Hawaii are hoping to recreate the spa experience at home.    

Spending a Night In

an infographic showing survey responses
an infographic showing survey responses
an infographic showing survey responses


It’s hard to balance your social, love, and work-life all while taking care of yourself, but the self-care generation is ushering in a whole new era—one where they put themselves first. Watching a movie (22%), binging a TV show (20%), and listening to music (14%) is how respondents are entertaining themselves during a night-in.

Looking for some fun things to do alone at night for the ultimate self-care routine? Dance to some T-Swift and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary—you’ll thank us later. 

It might be tempting to go out on the town for dinner or drinks with friends, but sometimes there’s nothing better than staying in. Thankfully, FOMO is a thing of the past, as 70% of all respondents say they don't experience it when staying in for the night.

Even extroverts need a day off every now and again—20% of them say the work week pushes them to spend a night in. A bubble bath, champagne, and self-tanner night routine is something everyone can get behind!

Closing Thoughts

It may sound silly, but when we operate out of a place of overflow, we’re better able to show up for our friends and family. Whether it’s painting your nails, singing karaoke in front of your cats, or devouring a whole pint of ice cream by yourself on the couch (no shame here)—fill up your cup with whatever works for you!

For the best self-care night ideas, learn How to Apply Self-Tanner (the Right Way) and purchase our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Bundle so you have everything you need for the perfect night in!



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