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Customer Appreciation 2021: Beauty Chat + Annual VIP Recruitment

Customer Appreciation 2021: Beauty Chat + Annual VIP Recruitment

We want to kickstart October with a HUGE thank you! We’ve grown so much this year and we couldn’t have done it without you! To say thanks, we’ve decided to run our first ever Customer Appreciation Week campaign — just for YOU.

Below are beauty stories from 3 of our lovely VIPs. They’ll be sharing more about their main hair & skin concerns, how they dealt with those issues, ride-or-die products, as well as beauty tips they swear by!

Psst, are you completely heads over coconuts for Coco & Eve and wanna be featured too? 

Read on to find out how YOU can be part of our VIP testers program!

Meet Danielle

What’s your hair type?

I have curly hair! Type 3B

What are some of your hair concerns?

Most of my hair issues are dryness and frizziness and it’s always affected me. Just comes with the territory of curly. It’s also gotten a little more dry considering my hair is dyed!

How has Coco & Eve changed the game for you?

It’s changed the game for me specifically because it’s hard to find a good product, especially a leave-in for curly hair. The LAV products are hydrating and locks in all that moisture. Something that’s great too is the next day's hair. I really only have to freshen up my curls with some water! That's for sure the game changer for me.

Danielle's fave products: Shampoo & Conditioner, LAV Hair Mask & Miracle Hair Elixir

Why are the LAV Hair Masque and Miracle Hair Elixir such staples in your routine?

They’re what keeps my hair under control and fresh! My hair always looks hydrated when using these two products! I can’t go without them. They’re the staples to keeping my hair looking and actually being hydrated and healthy

What's the best hair care tip you have to share?

I have a few to share actually!

  1. Stop putting heat on your hair, unless it’s for a rare occasion! If you do, make sure you protect your strands!

  2. For my curly haired people, really start a journey with your hair. Pay attention to your hair type and what it calls for. Don’t reach for products with many harsh chemicals as they’ll only cause further damage. 

  3. Keep your hair wet right out of the shower and put in your products to get your best curl results!

  4. Sleep on a silk pillow too for great hair the next day!

It’s truly the little habits you create that will make your hair healthy in the long run. And remember, your curly hair is beautiful, your hair is YOU and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Meet Alissa


What are some of your skin concerns/issues?

I have very blemish-prone skin, so I am always reluctant to try new products due to a fear of provoking breakouts. However, these products slip into my skincare routine with ease and don’t set off the pesky pimples. I especially like the tanning drops because I can use them with my general face moisturiser; this allows me to achieve a healthy, sun-kissed glow without upsetting my skin’s balance.

How has Coco & Eve changed the self-tanning game for you?

I have tried a few tanning products in the past with very little success. Each time I’ve used fake tan before, I have always been disappointed with either the colour, or the eventual breakouts after use. Using Coco & Eve has been completely different: the colour is an incredible match to my skin tone (it basically gives me the same tan as the sun does each summer!) and so far it hasn’t set off my blemish-prone skin!

Alissa uses our Bali Bronzing Foam in Shade: Dark

Why are our Bronzing Foam & Face Drops such staples in your routine? 

My favourite thing about Coco & Eve’s facial tanning drops is how easily they slip into my day-to-day routine. I simply mix them with my general face moisturiser roughly once a week and go about my day as usual! Both the drops and bronzing foam give me a healthy glow that doesn’t go patchy or dull as the week goes on and the tan begins to fade. I love that I can use these products all year round and look sun-kissed even in the winter months!

How often do you tan? And how do you feel after a Coco & Eve fake-tan sesh?

I use the bronzing face drops roughly once a week to keep my face looking glowy and healthy. The bronzing foam is an addition to my routine when I’m slipping into something that shows a bit more skin and I want to look my sun-kissed best!

After using Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey range, I look and feel so much healthier and more confident. I always love having a bit of colour in my skin during the summer, so being able to now achieve this all year round is bliss!

What's the best tanning tip you have to share?

If you have light hair like me, always tie it up and push it back with a headband (fyi Coco and Eve has a fab one) before you start tanning! Tan-tinged roots/ends are not a good look!

Meet Talmesha



What are some of your skin concerns/issues?  

I’ve actually grown to truly love my skin as it is, so I don’t have any current concerns. However, there was a time I was insecure about texture, pigmentation, and my stretch marks. Now that I find beauty in each of those things I simply like focusing on ways to highlight them and make them look their best (well hydrated) for when I show them off, which is often! 

How has the Coco & Eve shower gel and body moisture whip benefited your skin concerns? And why are they staples in your routine?

They both allow me to maintain love and respect for my skin by bringing my attention to them in an exciting way. Using them in my routine allows me to continue to cultivate self-love as it never ends as things always change. Sometimes my skin can get dull and dry which isn’t ideal for me, but Coco & Eve takes care of that and helps keep my confidence high.

How do you feel after using the shower gel and body moisture whip?

I think each time I use the shower gel not only do I feel refreshed because it does an amazing job at cleaning my body. I feel even better because I know I am taking care of my skin with a quality product. I love that it has clean, beneficial ingredients. As for the body moisture whip, I love how soft it leaves my skin and how I instantly feel more confident. I always want to throw on a lingerie set and dance around my apartment right after, that's how connected to my feminine it makes me.

What's the best shower/beauty tip you have to share?

Best shower tip I can give is to not rush the process but to take your time and turn it into an opportunity to show your body you truly care for it. Speaking affirming words as you lather, rinse, and repeat makes the experience more intentional and intimate. It really boosts body-confidence. 

Why do you feel it's important to invest in a body care/skincare routine?

I feel it is important because it’s showing up for yourself and reinforces good hygiene habits. If you love something, you take care of it!



Wanna be a VIP tester? Coco & Eve NEEDS you!

What you get: 

  • Be the FIRST to try our latest products before they launch 
  • Receive a bundle of your choice & full-sized versions of our NEW launches when you complete a product trial
  • Be mini-ambassadors for Coco & Eve — you’ll be featured on our site/blog, social platforms and MORE!
  • **IMPT: Please note that not everyone will be part of every product trial — to ensure credibility we rotate our testers. We do also have a cap on the number of testers for each trial but will definitely give all VIPs a chance to be part of at least one product trial

What we want in return: 

  • A review of our products & the results you achieve
  • Good quality photos & videos, written reviews and answers to surveys
  • Don't worry, in-depth briefs will be provided to guide you along the way! 

We’re currently looking for 20 NEW testers to join us, here’s how to be selected:

  • Leave a product review on our site AND
  • Take a selfie with your fave Coco & Eve product on IG, and answer the following question in your caption: Why is this your fave product and how has it changed the game for you? Tag @cocoandeve with the hashtag #CEVip
  • Selected testers will be contacted via Instagram! 




Written & Edited By: Vidhya


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07 Oct, 2021

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