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Coming Clean: Why Coco & Eve Products Are Sold Out

Coming Clean: Why Coco & Eve Products Are Sold Out

We’ve come a long, looooong way from sitting on the pristine shores of Bali and just dreaming about delivering clean beauty to the masses. We’ve won 14 beauty awards, our iconic Like a Virgin Hair Masque blew up on all social media platforms and our Sunny Honey  tanning range sold out 4 times with a 30,000 waitlist.

Honestly, our wildest dreams came true and we have you to thank for it. (Really, thank you so, so, so much!)

The Coco & Eve team is all about transparency and being real with you guys. That’s why we feel the necessity to address this big issue surrounding the availability of our products. 

Long story short: we were completely overwhelmed by the demand. 

I mean, don’t get us wrong – we knew our products were absolutely spot-on but we didn’t think THIS many people would share the same sentiments. Yes, sure. It may sound like a great problem on our end (and we’re so flattered), but it sucks to disappoint you with those two jarring words – “SOLD OUT”. 

You’re probably thinking, “Then just produce more stock?” 

Well, we are! But the truth is: beauty products take a loooong time to make and we refuse to put anything but our best foot forward. We’re not in the market of selling half-assed products. You won’t believe the amount of work that goes into making the perfect Coco & Eve formula. 

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. We have been hustling hard over the past couple of months and are happy to announce that we have the restock dates in place. In other words, stocks will be coming our way REAL SOON. (P.S restock dates will be available on our site)

Stick with us, beauties – it's going to be one wild ride!

In the meantime, here’s a reminder of exactly why you’ve gone SO (coco)nuts for our tropical-inspired products. And why we’ve been placed in this kinda awkward, but super flattering out-of-stock situation!


Sunny Honey Tanning Range

One of our Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam sells every 20 seconds – so is it any wonder we’re in a bit of a pickle trying to keep up with demand?! A top 10 Amazon bestseller, it’s been dubbed “the holy grail of fake tanning”, had a 30k waiting list and sold out 4 times already. Seriously, you tan fans just can’t get enough! As soon as we make more, it sells out. Instantly. 

Our Bali Bronzing Foam has 2000 5-star ratings (trustpilot + Amazon + Coco & Eve website). But what’s so great about it, anyway?

1. It’s self-tan meets skincare

In Sunny Honey, we created the world’s first anti-cellulite, anti-ageing self tan with zero nasties. Enriched with skin loving raw virgin coconuts and mandarin oils rich in amino acids, our unique CellushapeTM formula hydrates, nourishes and firms the skin, whilst blurring imperfections.

2. The results are better than real
A Sunny Honey tan is like a natural tan, but airbrushed! Thanks to an innovative green-grey base and clever colour-guide technology, there are NO orange tones and zero streaks. Just the best tan of your life. 

3. It’s 100% idiot-proof
Our sell-out Bali Bronzing Bundle eliminates tanning fails, one bronzed babe at a time. With a handy applicator mitt and vegan Kabuki brush, it makes tanning with Sunny Honey 100% foolproof. Even self-tanning virgins nail it from their first go! 

Our velvet mitt ensures the formula applies evenly and doesn’t gather on dry areas – plus it prevents those telltale orange palms! Meanwhile, with its silky, fine bristles, the Kabuki brush is ideal for a natural finish on those tricky-to-tan areas like the hands, feet and face. 

4. It smells like paradise
Most fake tans smell kinda funky. Ours doesn’t. There are no bad, biscuity smells here – just a heavenly tropical mango and guava fragrance. In fact, you love it so much you’ve asked for it as a fragrance!


Like A Virgin Haircare Range

The product that started it all, our Like A Virgin Hair Masque has had a cult following from day one. And, with lockdown having us spending more time at home (and away from the hairdresser!), sales have gone through the roof. As in, we sold 5k in just a week. That’s a huge 180% increase. Which is obviously awesome, but puts a lot of pressure on our relatively small team!

Here’s why LAV is your iso obsession, and the winner of 13 beauty awards – so far.

1. It banishes breakage & sayonaras split ends
Intensely nourishing, Balinese raw virgin coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles to repair from within. Strengthening and revitalising your strands, it helps prevent breakage and nasty split ends.

2. It delivers unBALIevable softness & shine
If your hair’s frazzled from a lifetime of heat styling, bleaching and general abuse, our Like A Virgin Masque will return it to its gorgeous, virgin state in a flash. Just 10 minutes to be precise. Rich in linseed oil, our 5-in-1 formula is your one-way ticket to seriously glossy, unBalievably soft locks.

3. It conditions without weighing hair down
As argan oil tames frizz, fig and shea butter moisturise and detangle – while maintaining volume – for smooth, supple, easy-to-manage strands. And did we mention the AHmazing scent?

4. It’s got all the good stuff, no nasty surprises
Rest assured, there are no nasties lurking in our Like A Virgin Hair Masque. 100% vegan and gluten free, our unique formula is free from parabens, drying sulphates and other unnecessary ingredients! (The same can’t be said for the majority of OTC masques.)

Glow Figure Body Range

You’ve also been going bananas for our latest launch – the Glow Figure anti-ageing, anti-cellulite range for your bod. Clearly you’ve all been searching for something to level up your body care game, as our Bali Bod Bundle sold out in just 6 weeks when it launched in early March!

And, with body masquing emerging as one of 2020’s hottest beauty trends, we’ve seen a 200% increase in sales of our Bounce Body Masque during quarantine!

Here’s why Glow Figure has become your Bali Body glow-to.

1. You’ve NEVER had skin so smooth
Why just use any old body exfoliator when you could triple-exfoliate with our Bali Buffing Sugar? With natural skin sloughers coconut flower sugar, shell powder and volcanic pumice, it gently yet super-effectively removes dead skin cells and recharges skin for smooth, glowing results.

2. It’s like a scalpel-free butt lift
Got cellulite, stretch marks or saggy bits? (We hear you, sister!) The Bounce Body Masque is your secret body weapon – drawing out toxins, evening skin tone and boosting circulation with Balinese volcanic clay, green algae and coffee. Masque up your belly, booty, underboob or thighs for a firming, lifting effect you’ll love!

3. It hydrates… and then some
The final member of your Bali Bod Squad, our Body Moisture Whip provides lasting, all-day hydration thanks to coconut oil and cacao. Meanwhile, our unique CelluShape™️ Technology contours and tightens skin for smooth, supple limbs.

4. Super-pampering, 100% natural formulas
Not only do our cutting-edge, 100% natural body care products deliver amazing results, they’re formulated to look, feel and smell super-indulgent. With a heavenly lychee and dragonfruit scent, they’re the perfect way to recreate that Seminyak spa experience at home! 

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PAYDAY SALE: Up to 50% OFF bestsellers! Coming Clean: Why Coco & Eve Products Are Sold Out
19 May, 2020

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