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Why 17,000 People Waited for Our Leave-in Conditioner – And Why It’s a Sell Out

Why 17,000 People Waited for Our Leave-in Conditioner – And Why It’s a Sell Out

Dry, frizzy, split end-prone strands? A new year is a perfect time for new hair beginnings – and we have just the thing to transform your lacklustre locks! One of the newest additions to the Like A Virgin range, our Like A Virgin Leave-In Conditioner hydrates, detangles and smooths in seconds, making it an instant hit with customers and media alike.

Launching with a 17,000-person waitlist, the hydrating hero sold out faster than we ever thought possible. But don't stress. Our Leave-In Conditioner is back in stock – ready to level up your haircare routine and supercharge your shine. 

To discover why our latest release is making waves with customers and the media, read on.

Fact: Our Leave-In Conditioner instantly detangles and hydrates. So there’s no need to get your knickers in a knot over dry, gnarly strands! With a coconut extract powerblend, avocado oil and rice proteins, a powerful Pro-Nourish Complex intensely moisturises, while helping to heal and soften strands making this the best leave-in conditioner for dry, damaged hair.

With a massive 96% of consumers finding it to be effective at detangling hair*, and 91% enjoying more manageability*, this crowd-pleaser is a MAJOR must-have for tresses often in a mess. Simply rub 1-4 pumps between your palms before spreading it from mid-lengths onwards to enjoy these results yourself!

If you have dry or damaged hair, natural curls, or live in a humid climate, fighting frizz can be a full-time job. So why not leave the hard yards to us? 

As dehydrated hair draws frizz-encouraging moisture from the air, hydration is one of the major factors in maintaining smooth strands. And our best-selling Leave-In Conditioner boasts a killer combo of avocado oil and coconut extracts to deeply penetrate and hydrate and replenish strands from within.

But don’t just take our word for it. 86% of consumers reported their hair felt instantly hydrated* after using our Leave-In Conditioner.

Rice proteins protect against breakage and split ends

Bummed out by breakage? Our innovative formula contains rice proteins to ensure your strands are fighting fit. Forming a protective film and helping hair bind moisture, this superstar ingredient boosts flexibility and tensile strength. 

Not only does this keep your locks looking and feeling soft and healthy, but it also helps prevent split ends and hair damage. A huge 85% of Coco & Eve consumers reported less breakage* after use. So, what are you waiting for?

Moringa Seed shields strands from pollution and UV

You wouldn’t head outside with sunscreen, so why leave your locks unprotected? Enriched with ancient superfood, Moringa Seed, the conditioner defends against dullness and damage caused by environmental stress. 

Preventing deposition of all micro-particles coming from the environment, it’s an easy way to shield your strands against UV, exhaust and other types of pollution.

It can be used on all hair types – wet or dry

You probably use a conditioner whenever you wash your hair, but sometimes strands need a little extra love between washes. And our Leave-In Conditioner is made for the job. Equally effective on damp or dry hair, it’s super-convenient and easy to slot into any haircare routine. 

Lightweight yet intensely hydrating, it’s suitable for daily use on all hair types – from thick and parched to fine and oily. Just remember to apply to the mid-lengths and ends only. Particularly if you’re prone to an oily scalp.

Results are the most important thing, but at Coco & Eve, we always try to balance efficacy with a sensory experience. And our conditioner definitely delivers all the good sensations. 

In our iconic coconut and fig fragrance, it will instantly transport you to an island paradise. Breathe in the luscious scent and you'll almost feel the warm sun on your skin – even if you’re stuck in the depths of winter.

Bargain hunter? We have some more good news. Our Like A Virgin Leave-In Conditioner also comes in a handy value bundle. For quenched, silky and frizz-free locks, check out our Daily Essentials Bundle, which also contains our Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

And finally, we couldn't have achieved this level of success without the support of YOU. We're so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to the launch and we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported us. Your loyalty and enthusiasm for our products drives us to continue creating game-changing products. Thank you for being a part of our journey!


*Results based on a consumer trial using 21 subjects.


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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PAYDAY SALE: Up to 50% OFF bestsellers! Why 17,000 People Waited for Our Leave-in Conditioner – And Why It’s a Sell Out
20 Jan, 2023

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