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Which Hair Mask Is Right for My Hair Type?

Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask, Sweet Repair Hair Mask and Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask on the left and a women holding Coco and Eve Like a Virgin hair Mask on the Right

Love those slinky, frizz-free hair mask feels but not sure which of our hair masks is right for you? Read on, Rapunzel. In this ultimate cheat sheet, we explain all the ah-mane-zing benefits of our shiny new Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask, restorative Sweet Repair Hair Mask versus our OG Like A Virgin best seller. And explain exactly which hair concerns each mask targets – from dryness to split ends and everything in between.

We'll also tell you how and when to use each product for the ultimate haircare routine. So there's no more mask confusion, just good hair days from here on in.

Who’s it for?

Like A Virgin: The ultimate multi-tasking people pleaser, our Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Hair Masque is ideal for all hair types in need of a little TLC. From incredible shine to un-BALI-evable softness, it delivers bucketloads of benefits. But at its heart it’s all about that sweet, sweet hydration and nourishment – so it’s perfect for anyone with dry thirsty hair. And anyone struggling with frizzy or unruly locks.

Sweet Repair: Our Sweet Repair Mask, on the other hand, is a repairing heavy hitter. This is the one you turn to when your hair and lifestyle habits have left your strands looking and feeling a little grim. In other words? It’s your go-to for hair that’s weak, damaged or super-dry. Whether from colouring or chemical processing, constant heat styling, long summers in the pool, or any other form of tress stress.

Pro Youth: Tailor-made for those embarking on their anti-aging hair care journey, the Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask is a potent elixir to defy time's effects on your precious locks. As the years pass, your hair may gradually lose its once-vibrant shine, volume and resilience. However, fear not, for our Pro Youth Mask is here. Enriched with the gold-standard rejuvenating skincare active, retinol, this hair mask boasts clinically-proven capabilities to reverse the hands of time. Expect nothing less than youthful-looking locks that exude vitality and strength.

Infographic comparing Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask, Sweet Repair Hair Mask and Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask

The major hair mask benefits 

Like A Virgin: Our multi-award-winning, 5-in-1 formula delivers a serious bang for your buck when packing in the benefits. Hydrating, deep conditioning and taming strands, it’s your twice-weekly essential for soft, manageable locks. Restoring dry hair from the inside out, the mask improves texture and fights frizz – while smoothing split ends for healthier, virgin-like hair in just 10 minutes.

Sweet Repair: In a (coco)nutshell, our new mask helps to repair hair all types of damage, reduce breakage and strengthen vulnerable strands from the very first use. Thanks to an incredible line-up of hair-loving active ingredients, it’s clinically proven to reduce damage, improve hydration and protect from pollution damage. It’s essentially the BFF of brittle, frizzy and breakage-prone strands. 

Pro Youth: Meet the heavyweight champion of our revolutionary Youth Revive range - the Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask. Adopting a scalp-first philosophy, this rejuvenating marvel bestows equal care upon your scalp and tresses, embracing a holistic approach to unveil naturally radiant and resilient locks. Strands are left softer, stronger and more supple, with less breakage and buckets of youthful-looking bounce.

Benefits of Coco and Eve Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask

The ingredients

All our masks are bursting with a mix of powerful tropical ingredients and lock-saving actives. 

Like A Virgin: Naturally nourishing, the heroes of this luscious mask are coconut oil and fig. Our signature AcquaSeal® Coconut adds hydration and softness – while strengthening and repairing hair to reduce breakage and split ends. Rich in antioxidants, fig extract helps protect against free radical damage while nourishing locks with fatty acids and vitamins. Shea butter moisturises and detangles, linseed supercharges shine and argan oil smooths split ends and tames pesky frizz. Finally, a probiotic extract restores balance for healthier hair.

Sweet Repair: We spent a long time searching for the right ingredients to perfect our mask – and boy did we find them! The hero of our hair repair power-blend is biomimetic ceramides which help to reinforce and smooth the hair fibre with the integration of lipids. Next up is our vegan keratin complex. This plant-based chain of amino acids replicates the performance of keratin to give hair much greater strength and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid boosts hydration, moisture and softness – tightening the cells of the hair cuticle to add volume and shine while avoiding any frizz. Finally, a cocktail of Balinese fruits – banana, avocado, guava, rambutan and our famous raw Virgin Coconut replenishes strands with minerals, nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants.

Pro Youth: With its scalp-centric focus, it was a given that we incorporated the gold-standard rejuvenating skincare active, retinol, into the formulation. This superstar ingredient not only works wonders in controlling sebum production to reduce excess oil and cleanse the scalp but also sets the stage for optimal absorption of the other potent ingredients. We also have the PRO-VITALI-B™ Honey Blend, a powerful honey blend of manuka honey, propolis and royal jelly extract that’s exclusive to this range. This trio of honey-derived goodness work hand-in-hand to deliver exceptional moisturising properties, bestow antioxidative benefits and fortify hair against damage, leaving your locks with an unmatched radiance and strength. Add probiotics and our signature coconut ingredients into the mix for added oil control and hydration benefits, you have the perfect recipe for healthy, age-defying hair that radiates with youthful vitality and resists the tests of time.

Benefits of Coco and Eve Sweet Repair Hair Mask

How to use

For all our masks, start by shampooing (skip the conditioner). Next, gently towel dry your hair to remove a bit of excess moisture – ideally using a microfibre towel to minimise damage. Scoop out a generous amount of mask and apply it to your damp hair – from the mid-lengths to your ends. Use a tangle tamer or wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. 

Like A Virgin: Leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Or, for super parched or rough looks, keep the masque in overnight under our microfibre towel wrap. (Check out our article on hair slugging for tips on moisturising and frizz-fighting!) For dry hair, use this mask 2-3 times a week; for normal hair, 1-2 times a week; and for oily hair, once a week.

Sweet Repair: Leave the mask on for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Yup, this baby works fast! For dry and damaged hair, use the mask 2-3 times a week; for normal hair, 1-2 times a week; and for oily hair, once a week.

Pro Youth: Maximise the added scalp benefits by ensuring an application from the scalp to the lengths and ends of your hair. Similar to our Like a Virgin hair mask, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. To maintain the rejuvenating results, use this mask 1-2 times a week.

Pro-tip: While we did suggest skipping the conditioner earlier, for an extra pick-me-up, especially on those days when you wake up to ultra dry and dull hair, an intensive ritual could work wonders. After rinsing off your shampoo, use a conditioner and rinse it off before proceeding to apply the mask. And here's a bonus for you - we've bundled all three products together in our Deep Condition Bundle and Honey Bliss Hair Set, so you can enjoy incredible savings and the ultimate haircare experience!

Benefits of Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask

Can you use both?

Absolutely! Our range of hair masks is designed to cater to your varying hair needs. Now, with the new addition of the Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask, you have an even more comprehensive toolkit at your disposal. If you're dealing with limp dull hair, we recommend using the Pro Youth Mask for a few weeks to bring back volume and shine. Watch as its rejuvenating powers work their magic to restore vitality and resilience to your locks.

Once your hair feels restored with its youthful bounce, you can seamlessly switch back to the hydrating and nourishing benefits of our Like A Virgin Mask to maintain its lusciousness. Additionally, if your hair is prone to breakage or if you frequently indulge in heated styling or colouring, incorporating the Sweet Repair Mask into your regular maintenance routine can be a game-changer in preventing damage before it occurs.

Remember, your hair's needs can change over time, so it's perfectly fine to alternate between our hair masks based on your hair's unique requirements. We hope this article has guided you in selecting the right mask for your current hair journey. And in moments of uncertainty, if you're seeking hydration and light repair, Like A Virgin remains an excellent choice. However, for a transformative overhaul of heat or chemically damaged hair, Sweet Repair has your back. The Pro Youth Hair & Scalp Mask, with its scalp-focused approach and age-defying capabilities, offers an all-encompassing solution to maintain youthful-looking locks and a thriving scalp.


Happy masking!

Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris



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