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5 Reasons You Need a Bond Building Hair Treatment

5 Reasons You Need a Bond Building Hair Treatment

In your quest for healthy, glossy locks you may have already stumbled across pre-shampoo treatments. But have you heard of a Bond Building Pre-Shampoo? No? No problem. We’ve condensed everything you need to know into this article. Let’s just say this treatment had a record-breaking 20k waitlist for a reason(s).

What are bond building hair treatments?

Bond building hair treatments or Pre-Shampoo treatments are products, like oils and masks, that you apply before shampooing to target a whole raft of hair concerns. And if you’re dealing with damage from lightening or chemically treating your locks, a bond-building, pre-shampoo treatment product will be your hair’s new BFF.  

Able to repair straw-like strands and banish breakage, this product deserves pride of place in any blonde (or bronde) babe’s bathroom cabinet. Need more convincing? Read on for five reasons you need a bond-building pre-shampoo treatment in your life, like yesterday.


A bond building treatment like no other


1. Bond builder will repair and strengthen hair in just 10 minutes

If you’ve used a bond builder before, you’ll be familiar with their ability to coax brittle, frazzled strands back into shiny good health. But we’ve gone even further with our new Like A Virgin Pre-Shampoo Bond Building Treatment to create a pre-poo go-to that repairs hair and restores strength in just 10 minutes! 

How? With our unique 3D Bond Building Technology. While most brand-name bond builders focus on repairing disulfide bonds – the permanent bonds that give hair its shape and much of its strength – we’ve created a product that repairs all three types of broken bonds. While also protecting existing bonds for strong shiny locks that are resilient against further damage. 

Our advanced bond-building polymer tackles damage holistically, protecting, strengthening and repairing hair from within. Thanks to microemulsion technology, our bond builder penetrates deeper into the hair to rebuild disulfide bonds broken by coloring and chemical treatments. As well as ionic (salt) bonds damaged by a pH imbalance and hydrogen bonds (responsible for elasticity) damaged by water, heat and humidity.  

Binding moisture to the hair, our advanced formula also seals the cuticle to protect against further damage, fortifying strands from the core to be 7 times stronger*. And delivering 100% more repair**.


3D bond building technology reverses damage in 10 minutes


2. You can reverse damage from bleaching and chemical treatments – yes, really!

For bleached (or permed) babes, a bond-building hair treatment is an ideal pre-poo step to counteract damage caused by your beloved chemical treatments. As well as repairing the structural hair bonds that have been broken, our Bond Repairing Treatment forms a protective layer on the hair surface by replacing lipids stripped during chemical treatments.  

In a clinical trial conducted on 20 women with bleached hair and 20 women with coloured hair:  

  • 90% felt hair was significantly less damaged 
  • 90% felt hair was significantly stronger 
  • 95% agreed hair felt revitalised 

3. Bond Builders prevent moisture loss for soft, silky strands

Fact: Healthy hair needs plenty of moisture – and a bond builder can help replenish stripped strands. Sealing and protecting your hair with botanical oils, our pre-shampoo treatment helps combat any moisture loss that occurs during washing. (Although that won’t be a problem if you stick with a sulphate-free, hyaluronic acid-infused formula like our Super Hydrating Shampoo!) 

Nourishing strands with essential fatty acids, the formula’s pomegranate and apricot oils form a protective layer on the hair surface to prevent moisture loss that weakens hair. Moisturising and enhancing shine, the oils also soften and smooth hair, as the 3D technology binds moisture to the hair 1.5 times more effectively than glycerin.  

86% of users agree hair feels softer and looks shinier, while 81% agree hair is significantly smoother.


What damages hair bonds


4. Hair bonding treatments reduce hair breakage by 85%

Whether it’s caused by heat styling, rough treatment, or your preference for rocking Gigi Hadid’s blonde locks when you’re naturally dark like Bella, hair breakage happens to the best of us. And for colour- or chemically-damaged strands, our Pre-Shampoo Bond Building Treatment works like no other to reduce hair breakage by 85%. Yes, 85%.  

As a strengthening oil complex of coconut and avocado delivers proteins and vitamins to restore hair’s lipid-moisture balance and repair damaged hair, pomegranate and apricot oils seal the hair cuticle. Thanks to our advanced technology, our hair pre-wash treatment formula creates a protective layer on each strand that is not easily washed off.  

Restoring strength from the first use, the bond building treatment reduces moisture loss through five wash cycles to help prevent breakage.


signs of damage


5. You’re, well, kind of lazy

Another plus? Pre-shampoo treatments are a dream if you’re feeling lazy. Because sometimes you just can’t be bothered jumping back in the shower 20 minutes after shampooing to wash out that creamy hair mask – hey, we totally get it! 

With a bond rebuilder, you simply apply your chosen prod to damp or dry strands as directed, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. And go about your day.   


Dry, brittle, bleach-ravaged strands? Our Like A Virgin Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment is now available to shop. Run, don’t walk.  


*Based on clinical study with 20 women with bleached hair
**Based on maximum efficacy measurements assessed by clinical scoring

Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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25 Sep, 2022

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