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MAJOR Beauty Trends and Predictions for 2023

MAJOR Beauty Trends and Predictions for 2023

It’s that time of year again when we all look back on the year that was and start making ‘new year, new me' resolutions. For many of us, this includes rethinking our beauty lewk. Maybe with a fresh cut, bold new colour or overhaul of our skincare habits. (This last one's always a good idea post-party season!) 

From the crops we’ll be rocking to the retro ‘dos making a comeback, here are all the hottest new beauty trends for 2023. Whether your beauty muse is out-there or au naturel, we're sure you'll find plenty of inspo for the next 12 months! 


Skinification of Haircare


According to Pinterest, in 2023 we’ll be investing a lot more time in crown care with the continued ‘skinification’ of our hair care routines. Or in other words, we’ll be applying the same care, and some of the same ingredients, to our scalp and strands as we do to our face. And frankly, we are here for it! 

With clean scalp and scalp massage techniques and dry scalp treatment rising, it seems you’ve discovered what we’ve known for a while now. That healthy hair starts at the roots.

To get yours in order, try incorporating our Deep Clean Scalp Scrub into your weekly routine, pre-shampooing. Wash your hair with a hydrating, sulfate-free shampoo and give your head a gentle, circulation-boosting massage with our scalp-loving shampoo brush.

For those wanting to switch up their look with a new shade, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are two options we believe will be all the rage this year!

Why choose just one hair colour when you could choose two? Next year, we’ll be splicing up our natural hair colour with rainbow-bright hues. According to Pinterest, Gen Z and Millennials’ penchant for ‘Gemini hair’ has seen a spike in searches for blue and black braids, lavender and blonde hair and brown to pink balayage. Or maybe ultra-femme pink and lavender hair is more your style (a 345 percent increase in searches says you won’t be alone.) 

One thing to remember. A new hue means a newfound commitment to maintenance – especially if you’re bleaching your hair so it can take on those unicorn tones. To reverse colour damage and keep your strands strong and shiny, try our Hair Repair Bundle – containing our Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment and Sweet Repair Hair Mask. A colour-friendly shampoo like our Super Hydrating Shampoo is also essential to prevent all those pretty pinks and purples from washing down the drain. 


Copper Locks

Another thing to consider before spritzing your face. If you have fair hair and brows, it’s a good idea to protect them to prevent them from taking on an unwanted orangey hue. We suggest using a barrier cream on brows (a slick of petroleum jelly works well and also helps tame any errant hairs), and a hairband or even a hair wrap to protect your hair at the roots. 

Just make sure you spritz close to the roots to avoid a tell-tale pasty border.

Not into changing your shade but still want to switch things up? Flaunting either of these hairstyles will surely garner you endless compliments.

Been considering a big chop? 2023 is the year to do it, with searches for chopped bobs sky-rocketing! And it’s not just bobs we’re coveting but all sorts of short styles. For example? Searches for short braid hairstyles are up, and we’re also obsessing over micro fringes. 

Keep your short strands in good shape between trims with our Super Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner – which hydrate hair without weighing it down.

The Butterfly Cut 


The Butterfly Cut

Analysing the year-on-year percentage change in Google search volume, luxury beauty buyer’s club Beauty Pie has called it: the TikTok-trending butterfly cut will be THE layered cut of 2023. And with a 12,432 percent spike in searches for this style, we’d say they’re bang on the money.  

With a combination of shorter face-framing sections and longer back layers, the butterfly cut is super-wearable for all face shapes. And a great way to experiment with a new look without losing all your length.  

Keep yours looking lush with a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week.

2023 Hairstyle Trends

For those wanting to try something more non-committal, experimenting with hairstyles is the way to go. Here are two easy ones we think are worth trying this year!

Wet-Look Locks

While we’re always banging on about limiting your use of heated tools, this hairstyle trend doesn’t just mean letting your hair dry naturally after you shower. Instead, hairstylists predict we’ll be wearing wet-look hair as an after-hours look, ideal for special events.

Your style muse? Look no further than Megan Fox’s ultra-shiny, liquid-look locks. Gloss-enhancing hair oils and serums will be your BFF for this style – eliminating any frizz and flyaways and delivering the smoothness you’re after.

Try our Miracle Hair Elixir for a silky but non-greasy finish.


Babes of the ‘80s may well wince, but crimping is back, baby! However, it’s less about tiny, tight crimps and more about glamorous mermaid waves using a three-barrelled waving tool. Which means? One of the key products you’ll need to invest in is a good quality heat protectant!

2023 Skincare Trends

Of course we can’t forget about skincare! To stay ahead of the curve and reap ultimate benefits, you’ll want to incorporate these habits.

Showers as the New Bath


Showers as the New Bath

While bathing was one of our favourite lockdown activities, in 2023 we’re getting vertical. According to Pinterest, shower routine aesthetic searches are soaring as a new beauty trend and we’re also frothing over shower bombs.  

For the ultimate elevated shower, invest in decadent, scented shower gels, a skin-sloughing scrub and massage tools to invigorate and improve skin tone. You’ll find all three – and a dreamy, antioxidant-charged body whip – in our Glow Figure Bodycare Range.

Hydration and Slugging

Hydration will continue to be our collective obsession – for our skin, our strands and even our often-neglected nails. Delivering dewiness and comfort, hydrating ingredients will be front and centre in cosmetics and skincare trends. And we’ll see no slowdown of the slugging trend for our skin and hair. 

Tanning formulas will also take a skin-first approach, with replenishing ingredients that mean your glow won’t come at the cost of dehydration.

In the Coco & Eve range, we’ve got your hydration needs covered from head to toe. Try our Body Moisture Whip and Smoothie Shower Gel for smooth, supple skin, and our Bronzing Face Drops and Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist for an even, long-lasting tan. And for your locks? Look no further than the nourishing Like A Virgin hair care range to nurse dry strands back to virgin-like health. 


Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Iris


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06 Jan, 2023

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