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9 Red-Hot Hair Trends for 2022

9 Red-Hot Hair Trends for 2022

Ready to take those tired locks out of hibernation and looking for some inspo? We’ve got you covered. From layered looks to high-impact, low-maintenance colour, plus the cutest ways to wear your bangs, these are the hottest celeb and TikTok-approved hair trends for 2022. 

So, get your stylist on the phone and get ready to show off the new, improved you. 

1. The ‘bixie’

Always wanted a pixie but scared to take the plunge? The bixie is here to make your short-hair dreams come true. Made popular by Winona and Meg Ryan in the ‘90s, the cool girl’s bob/pixie hybrid is set to be 2022’s hottest crop. Cute, flirty and versatile, the bixie’s already flooding your Insta feed – look to the likes of Florence Pugh, Hannah Kleit or Sarah Hyland for inspo.


2. Expensive brunette

Where Hailey Bieber goes, we follow – and her return to her naturally lush brunette has us questioning our commitment to the bleach bottle. And thinking of all those dollars we’ll save on our 8-weekly colourist visits. Just remember, though, that darker locks still need a little love to keep them looking ‘expensive’. A weekly hair mask is essential – and an easy way to maximise softness and gloss.




3. 101 bangs 

Trending for a few years now, bangs won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Which is a good thing as they really are just so darn flattering. And there are dozens of styles to choose from. Some of our faves? Zendaya’s full but gently layered Dune premiere style and Elizabeth Olsen’s signature curtains. Try dipping a toe in the trend with an ultra-wispy fringe (you’ll be seeing these everywhere next year) or embrace your natural texture and curl. 

Top tip: To keep yours fresh and remove any product build-up, use a scalp scrub before shampooing, once or twice a week.



@elsadesiree Wash day routine w @coco_and_eve💗 This is probably my favourite bantu knot out💗 #ad#washday#bantuknots#cocoandeve#curlscheck#hudabeauty ♬ Woman - Doja Cat

4. Sleek high ponytail

Resisted the call of the bixie and still rocking some length? A J.Lo-approved high pony is the perfect way to showcase that mane. All high-voltage glamour, the groomed high ponytail is the antithesis of the lockdown messy topknot. Something we’re more than happy to see the back of for the time being! 

To get your pony preened to perfection, run a few drops of a hair oil, like our Miracle Hair Elixir, through to keep strands ultra-glossy and fly-away free.



5. The shag or wolf cut

Still on our radar for 2022, layered, tousled shag styles are the perfect way to switch up your look without losing your length. Born in the ‘70s but with a thoroughly modern twist, today’s shag can be worn short, super-long and anywhere in between. And the best bit? The shag is an equal opportunity ‘do – just as suited to straight, fine hair as thick and curly locks. 

Look to Kaia Gerber or Suki Waterhouse for a subtle take. Or go full wolf with a shag-mullet hybrid à la Miley Cyrus or Billie Eilish.


@daniellemarcan had a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut ♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo



6. Pin-straight strands

We’ve been coveting beach waves for so long, we almost forgot how sexy super-sleek, ironed strands can be. Thankfully, thanks to an ongoing PR campaign from Kim Kardashian and a recent nod of approval from a spate of designers, we’ve got the reminder we needed. Poker-straight locks are set for a major revival in 2022 – and the longer the better. 

Our tip? Your BFF for any straight, heavily heat-styled strands is a protective serum or spray. Shielding hair up to 220°C, our Miracle Hair Elixir replenishes hair with coconut, fig and hyaluronic acid for unbelievable softness and shine.  



7. Tendrils with an up-do

If you were in high school in the 90s or noughties, the return of the tendril’s probably giving you unwanted school formal flashbacks. But, with celebs like our queen Hailey endorsing the face-framing trend, it’s time to get over yourself and get on board. Whether you like your loose and fem like Meghan Markle or prefer Y2K-style braids, tendrils are big news. Plus, they’re super fun to play with when you’re bored or flirting.


@stxph.h #ad which aesthetic suits me the best? using @Coco & Eve ‘Like a Virgin’ Miracle Hair Elixir (cruelty free & 100% vegan) ✨ #sponsored #cocoandeve #fypシ #foryou #hairstyletutorials #styleaesthetic #softgirl #y2k #streetstyle #skatercore #hairtransformation ♬ Insane - Summer Walker



8. 90s layers

Also giving us major 90s’ vibes are the long layers we’re seeing left, right and centre (parted). But before you get too scissor happy, think about your lifestyle. A super layered, bouncy and flicky ‘Rachel’ version does take a fair bit of styling. If you’re more of a wash and wear type, it’s probably best to update your lock with a few face-framing layers.  



♬ original sound - friendspaperclips



9. Curls

Curls are still coming in hot for 2022 – and we’re 100% here for it. If you’re planning to embrace yours in the new year, make sure you invest in a microfibre towel to eliminate frizz. And check out our simple guide to plopping curls.



@coco_and_eve Bounciest, shiniest curls in one wash💦✨#cocoandeve #tothesalon #hair #viral ♬ to the salon - char 😵‍💫


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Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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14 Jan, 2022

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