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8 Reasons This Hair Oil is The Miracle You Need

8 Reasons This Hair Oil is The Miracle You Need

You’ve spent years putting your hair through the wringer: from daily brushing, blow-drying and styling, not to mention bleaching/colouring. Now it’s time to discover the unBALIevable benefits of our New Like A Virgin Miracle Hair Elixir! From its frizz-fighting powers to shine-enhancing properties, here are 8 reasons this multitasking hair oil will change your life – and locks. Read on!


Our hair oil is your secret to soft, silky & shiny hair!

1. It hydrates thirsty strands

It’s not just your skin that needs hydration – hair gets thirsty too! Packed with papaya, mangosteen and a tropical fruit bowl’s worth of nourishing Balinese botanicals, our Miracle Hair Elixir quenches as it softens. With moisture-binding hyaluronic acid and raw virgin coconut oil, this lightweight hair oil delivers intense hydration without weighing hair down. We recommend using the Miracle Hair Elixir in combination with our coconut oil hair mask for even more hydration.

2. It supercharges shine!

While all strands will benefit from a multitasking hair oil, those that are dry, dull, damaged, coarse or lifeless will be totally transformed. Rich in replenishing oils and fatty acids, our super hair oil works hard to repair lacklustre strands for soft, silky results. Meanwhile, prickly pear feeds hair with vitamins to serve up unBALIevable and instant shine!


Our hair oil protects locks from heat styling up to 428°F

3. It’s the ultimate heat protector

We all know heat stylings not so great for our strands, but there’s ZERO chance we’re giving up our straightener/ curling wand/ blow dryer. Thankfully, just a few drops of our hydrating hair oil is all that’s needed to get a salon-worthy ‘do without frying hair beyond repair! Protecting against tress stress at up to 428°F, the Like A Virgin Miracle Hair Elixir is the invisible, lightweight, lusciously scented shield your hair deserves. Don’t blow wave without it!

4. It banishes frizz and styles hair too

Frizz. Fluff. Fly-aways. These three F words can ruin your chances of having a good hair day before you’ve even had your muesli. Our smoothing hair oil puts you back in control, taming misbehaving hair so it’s ultra-glossy and obedient, but with plenty of volume and movement. She works double-duty, so go on, use it in lieu of a hairspray or hair gel to tame flyaways and recreate your fave hairstyles. Lightweight, bouncy and shiny hair, here we come!


Perfect for all hair types, and can be applied to both wet/dry strands

5. You can use it wet or dry

Ever forget to put on a styling product until it’s too late and your hair’s already dry? Yeah, us too. The Like A Virgin Miracle Hair Elixir eradicates this problem as it’s designed for both damp and dry hair. Use on damp strands for control, hydration and heat protection, or smooth onto dry locks to boost shine and banish static, frizz and fly-aways.

6. It won’t make your hair greasy

Just a couple of drops is all that’s needed for gorgeous, silky locks. While rich in revitalising, hydrating oils, it’s lightweight and non-greasy – hydrating hair without making it heavy, limp or flat. For short hair, try 1-2 drops rubbed between palms then distributed evenly through your lengths. Add an extra drop or two for longer strands, but remember that a little goes a long way.


Featuring Balinese hydrators like Mangosteen, Papaya, Prickly Pear, & Virgin Coconut Oil!

7. It’s perfectly handbag-sized

Some treatments and styling products are a little too hefty to pop in your handbag, but a hair oil is just right. Compact and leak-free, our Miracle Hair Elixir comes in a cute, perfectly portable squeezy bottle – in our signature baby pink and jungle green. Stash in your bag for those unexpected sleep overs, and desk to dinner transformations.

8. There are zero hidden nasties

Bursting with Balinese botanical goodness, our Miracle Hair Elixir is miraculously free of common nasties. That means no mineral oil, dimethicone, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, nuts, gluten and sulphates. 100% vegan, it’s perfect for colored or bleached hair as well as safe to use during pregnancy.


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Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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15 Oct, 2020

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