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8 More Trending Hair Looks to Try ASAP

8 More Trending Hair Looks to Try ASAP

You went wild for our 2021 hair trends article so, guess what? We’re hair to save you once more with another epic round up of the looks – or should we say locks? – currently breaking the internet. From romantic Regency styles fresh out of Bridgerton to TikTok’s centre-part obsession and the celeb cuts and colours to take to your stylist, here are 8 more trending hair looks you need to try, like yesterday.

1. ‘90s flip 

It’s not just ‘90s space buns giving us all the nostalgic feels – another of the decade’s signature ‘dos has us flipping out. Yes, beauties, we are of course referring to the ‘90s flip! Whether worn soft and sweet like Millie Bobby Brown, or paired with a high half-pony and hoops, one thing is non-negotiable. And that’s the need to team this trend with smooth, silky strands.

To make yours extra glossy, add a few drops of nourishing, protective hair oil before blow drying. You’re welcome.

2. MAJOR hair bling 

When it comes to hair accessories, subtlety is soo 2020. This year, it’s a case of bling is in, more is more and bigger is better. So, leave the boring, unadorned styles to the shrinking violets and make a serious statement with a headful of diamante-studded clips and bad-ass slogans. Bling it on!

3. Close crops   

Maybe it’s the desire for a fresh start or an attempt to rectify lockdown’s DIY dye disasters, but ultra-short pixies and shaved ‘dos are cropping up EVERYWHERE. And the surprising thing is, they’re actually super versatile. From glamorous finger waves to slicked back styles and rockstar texture, the styling options are endless. Go forth and experiment!

4. Baby bangs

Believe it or not, it’s not ALL about the curtain bangs. Thanks to Daphne Bridgerton’s Audrey Hepburn inspired hairstyle, itty bitty baby bangs are back on our radar in a major way. To make sure yours are bag-a-Duke-worthy, use a deep clean scalp scrub before shampooing to remove product build-up, banish excess oil and give limp locks a little lift. 

5. Centre parts

Sleek, side-parted styles might be one of 2021’s hottest hair trends, but TikTokers have declared that a part landing anywhere but bang in the centre is a sign you’re, well, kinda ancient. Harsh it may be (and a problem if you have cowlicks!), but if you don’t want to announce your Millennial status to Gen Zers, it’s time to accept that #MiddlePartChallenge. 


I don’t know how I feel about this ##foryou ##middlepart ##CheckMeOutChallenge

♬ Freak by Doja Cat. On soundcloud - coen💗

6. Pink lady  

If chunky ‘90s highlights and retro red locks aren’t inspiring you, maybe this year’s other major colour trend will be more to your taste. Youthful and fun, bubblegum pink rules TikTok and has been spotted on everyone from Kaia Gerber to Ava Philippe and January Jones. Extra props go to our girl Demi for nailing two trends in one with her super-fresh pink pixie!

Naturally dark locks? If you’re bleaching your hair before colouring it, make sure you up the maintenance. That means reaching for a nourishing, hydrating and strengthening hair masque at least once or twice a week, and leaving it on overnight if you need a super-intensive treatment.


7. Mullets 

Yep, you read that right. Mullets are baaack baby, with the likes of Riri and Miley rocking business-at-the-front, party-at-the back locks with typical swagger. A full-on mullet can be a tricky look to pull off though, so you might want to ease into the trend with a more versatile, easy to style shag. Suitable for wavy, curly or dead straight strands, the textured, layered cut will be one of 2021’s most popular hair looks.


8. Regency ringlets 

As well as singlehandedly bringing sexy back to our screens, Netflix’s Bridgerton has made a compelling case for the return of ringlet. Whether piled high à la Marina Thompson, adorned with flowers like the Featherington sisters, or worn in Daphne’s demure half-up half-down style, intricately curled hairstyles are trending in a big way.  

To nail the Regencycore trend, embrace your natural texture or invest in a curling iron, then pair your tousled tresses with a corset or empire line gown. Want more Bridgerton hairspo?  Check out the video below for easy Daphne Bridgerton hair tutorials.


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Written by: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya


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27 Mar, 2021

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