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6 hair care myths you need to stop believing

6 hair care myths you need to stop believing

From the best way to speed up growth to the secret to killer shine, there are a truckload of hair myths out there. And, since many of them have been doing the rounds since your grandma was a girl, we say “enough already!” To demystify hair and debunk the old wives’ tales – once and for all, we’ve enlisted the help of leading Aussie hairdresser, Sofia Basile. Here’s what the owner of Unico Hair has to say about six of the most common (and misleading) hair myths.


Hair Myth #1 – Frequent haircuts make your hair grow quicker

We get it, growing your hair is a painful process that can take FOREVER. Especially after a disastrous ‘do. But if you want locks like Rapunzel? Make sure you don’t fall for this fairy tale! 

The truth is, regular haircuts won’t speed up hair growth. That doesn’t mean you should avoid the salon, though. According to Basile, small, regular trims (nothing too drastic, don’t worry!) are a must to remove any split ends and keep hair looking healthy and gorgeous.

Hair Myth #2 – Dry hair needs more moisture, so wash it more 

Girl, no. Over-washing your hair will not magically make it healthy and hydrated. In fact, quite the opposite! Constantly dunking dry hair in hot water and shampoo will cause further dryness and frizz as you’re stripping it of natural oils. 

The sweet spot? Basile recommends washing dry hair twice a week, or even once if you can get away with it.


Hair Myth #3 – You need to switch up hair products regularly

In the words of a wise man, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or, in other words, if you find the perfect hair product that works for you – be it a shampoo, masque, dry shampoo or serum – there’s no real need to go looking for greener pastures. 

Contrary to popular opinion, your hair does not become ‘immune’ to products. In fact, consistency is often better than chopping and changing. According to Basile, while there’s no harm at all in alternating products, “If it’s working, don’t change.” Chances are you might enjoy even better results with continued usage!

Hair Myth #4 – 100 strokes a day is the secret to shiny locks

Pay no attention to this old chestnut! Not only is brushing hair with 100 strokes each day a waste of your precious time, it can ultimately weaken strands, cause split ends and send oil production into overdrive. 

According to Basile, while it’s not necessary to brush until your arm aches, it IS a good idea to brush your hair before bed. “This helps distribute natural oil and keeps your scalp and hair healthy and shiny,” she says.


Hair Myth #5 – Coloured hair is unhealthy hair

We’ve all heard this one. But, while bleaching has a (somewhat deserved) bad rep, coloured hair isn’t necessarily unhealthy. “It just requires nourishment and protein to moisturise and strengthen,” says Basile. 

Adding colour (i.e. going darker) actually plumps strands and gives hair body, she adds. This makes coloured hair a great option for those with fine, limp strands. And, as for going bottle blonde? While extra TLC is definitely needed, lightening strands can do wonders If your roots regularly resemble an oil slick!

Hair Myth #6 – You can’t use oils in oily hair

We understand the thought process here, but this simply isn’t true. “You can use oil on all hair types,” says Basile, adding that It’s especially beneficial for bleached hair and coarse, thick strands. But that doesn’t mean those with oily hair should steer clear, as long as they bypass the roots and apply oil from the mid lengths to ends. 

The truth is, oils can play an important role in hair health as, unlike ingredients that temporarily coat the hair for cosmetic effect, oils such as coconut and argan oil (key ingredients in our Like A Virgin Hair Masque!) can penetrate the cuticle to revitalise and strengthen strands from within. 

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil was found to “reduce the protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product.” Other studies have also shown coconut oil may be useful in preventing UV damage.

Want to know what’s not a hair myth?

The amazing results babes across the globe are achieving with our Like A Virgin Nourishing Hair Masque! With coconut oil for strength and shine, fig and shea butter to moisturise and detangle, softness-restoring linseed, and frizz-fighting argan oil, our award-winning masque returns hair to its most glorious virgin state in just 10 minutes!

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these real results from real people! Head over to our reviews page for more!


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17 Jun, 2020

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