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5 Easy, Timeless Holiday Hairstyles To Try This Year

Holiday Hairstyles You Need To Try
From botched attempts at cutting our bangs to 24-7 topknots, we’ve committed a lot of crimes against good hair this year – and we’re ready to turn a new leaf! This festive season we are oh-so ready to glam it up, and we’re looking to these MAJOR holiday hairstyles for head-turning inspo. From tricked-up ponytails to blingy braids and killer curls, these are the holiday hairstyles guaranteed to slay (or should that be sleigh?), no matter the occasion.



1. The Ultimate Wavy Lob

Super sexy and full of tousled volume, the wavy lob is a holiday hairstyle that’s never out of style. To give it a red-hot festive spin, why not pair it with a magenta rinse like stunning Stella?


By now you have the memo – great holiday hair starts with a hydrating hair masque! Comb yours through damp, clean hair with a tangle tamer, leave for 10 mins, then rinse thoroughly.


Blow dry hair, then create tight, beachy waves with a bubble wand. Clip your hair back and work section by section, winding hair around the wand and away from your face.

P.S you can get a bubble wand like Stella’s here


Rub a few drops of shine-enhancing, frizz-banishing hair oil on your palms. Then run your hands through your hair to create looser, less ‘done’ waves – and bucketloads of bounce!


2. The Party Pony

Who says a ponytail is too low-key for a special event? If you’re blessed with a long, lush mane like our girl Carla, this pimped-up pony is total holiday party hairstyle goals! As always, the secret to a perfect pony is prep, so let us trot you through it.


Long hair can get a little ratty at the ends, especially if you’re a slave to the bleach and heat tools. The best way to ditch any damage and whip strands into shape? A super-nourishing, restorative hair masque! 

So, before you blow, style and go, do your strands a favour and let our coconut and fig Like A Virgin Hair Masque work its magic for 10 blissful minutes.


For sleek results, blow-dry damp hair smooth. Pull your hair back into a ponytail – high or low, your choice – then wrap a section of hair around your hair tie, neatly securing it with bobby pins. Secure a snag-free elastic about 1/3 of the way down your pony, then pull through the hair from below.


To prevent flyaways and boost shine, run a few drops of a hair oil (like our Miracle Hair Elixir) through your locks, then fan out your pony for added va-va-volume.

Curly hair with diamond accessory
sometimes all you need is a lil holiday bling! 

3. Diamonds & Curls 

Nothing says you’re ready to ring in the new year like a little bling-bling! We’re absolutely coconuts over this gorge flip-n-clip ‘do on our favourite curly girl Lana – but it can work on straight and wavy babes as well. And don’t even get us started on how cute it looks with a bob!


Smooth split ends and add shine by masking up for at least 10 minutes.


Blow dry your hair. We recommend either using a round brush for smooth volume, or the diffuser attachment to enhance your curls. Create a deep side part, then twist and pin a small section of hair back on the opposite side, using some diamante grips. Bonus points for cute slogans!


The key to really rocking this look is having super-defined, glossy and bouncy curls – with ZERO frizz factor. Following the steps above will help, and so will using a hair oil as the finishing touch.




4. Bow-Wow Wow

Sometimes the simplest things look the fanciest, and Anika’s fun, outsized bow lewk is a case in point. We predict a lot of lazy girls (us included!) will be wearing it on repeat this December.


After using your Like A Virgin Hair Masque, rinse hair thoroughly before applying a hair serum. This will protect your hair from heat styling up to 220°c!


Blowdry your hair, then create soft waves from your mid lengths with a hair iron (see why you need that heat protection!)


Pull back the top section of your hair, and secure with a large bow clip for a retro-glam style. 


5. The Braid-y Bunch

Think braids are for pre-teens? Think again. Whether you’re into a chic French-meets-fishtail-braid fusion or dazzling, star-studded version, plaits are where it’s at this holiday season.


For an A-grade braid, start by ensuring hair is shiny, detangled and free of frizz by using your hair masque, followed by a protective, smoothing hair oil.


Blow dry your hair so it’s ultra-smooth, then get to work braiding hair. For a fresh twist, we love @braids_in_action’s face-framing French braid teamed with a fishtail pony. But if your braiding skills aren’t quite there yet, a regular French braid will do – especially if you add some bling!




Pair your braided holiday hairstyle with a glittery cocktail dress, or jazz it up with your favourite hair pins/clips.


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Check out more hair guides & tips here!


Written By: Pip Jarvis

Edited By: Vidhya 


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17 Dec, 2020

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