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5 Things To Look For In A Shower Gel

5 Things To Look For In A Shower Gel

Still using a cheap supermarket body wash or soap from your neck to your toes? Stop right now! Just like the skin on your face, your body is prone to dryness, bumpiness, sensitivity and breakouts. It needs just as much TLC to stay smooth, clear and radiant – and the easiest way to show it some love starts with a gentle, hydrating, pH-balancing shower gel! 

But, before you make the switch, there are a few things you should know. From super-skin-quenching ingredients to bump-busting enzymes, we’ve outlined the 5 most important things to look for in a shower gel. (And guess what? You can find them all, and then some, in our NEW heaven-scented Smoothie Shower Gels ☺.) Read on!

1. Hydrating ingredients

The problem with super-cheap shower gels is that they often contain harsh ingredients that strip the skin of healthy natural oils, as well as dirt and grime. Showers can also be quite dehydrating, especially if you like them hot, so you really do need to choose a quality body wash that REPLENISHES, rather than strips, moisture. 

Our tip? Go for a shower gel that’s bursting with nourishing plant oils, natural extracts and a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Like Coco & Eve’s NEW Smoothie Shower Gels! Formulated with skin softening coconut oil and moisturising cocoa seed, our luxurious washes instantly hydrate and refresh the skin with amino acid-rich coconut water and nature’s super soother, aloe vera.

2. A sulfate-free formula

The ingredients left OUT of your shower gel are just as important as the ones added IN – and sulfates have no place in your bathroom. Super-common in a bunch of hair and body prods, these detergents are used because they’re a cheap way to create a rich foam. However, they’re also quite drying and can be irritating for some skin types. 

The best bet for any type of body is to steer clear of sulfates in favour of products with gentle yet effective cleansers. Luxurious and silky, our Bali-inspired body wash blends coconut oil and fruit enzymes to remove oils, dirt and toxins in a rich, hydrating lather that’s 100% SLS, SLES and every-other-kind-of-sulfate free.



Levelling up my morning shower routine with @coco_and_eve SULFATE free shower gels >> luuuvv

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3. A gorgeous scent  

The bathroom is one of the only places you can sneak some ‘me time’ every day – so why wouldn’t you turn yours into a sanctuary! One of the easiest ways to do this (apart from burning candles and playing Enya), is to opt for a beautifully scented shower gel. 

Packed full of tropical fruits like mangosteen, papaya, coconut, mango and guava, our Smoothie Shower Gels awaken the senses from the very first drop. Breathe in the exotic Dragonfruit & Lychee or Tropical Mango scent, and you’ll immediately be transported from your suburban bathroom to the beaches of Bali. Bliss!

4. Prebiotics!

Prebiotics don’t just belong on your plate – they’re one of the hottest trends in skincare and body care formulas. And for good reason! Prebiotics help restore balance to your skin’s microbiome – the ecosystem of good and bad bacteria that lives on the skin. Supporting the skin’s natural barrier, a balanced microbiome helps keep skin hydrated, comfortable and irritation free. So, do your skin a favour with a body wash that boasts prebiotics!  

With natural prebiotics derived from chicory and agave, our shower gels keep all skin types happy and sweetly scented. Nourishing the skin microbiota and balancing the skin’s pH, the nasty-free botanical formula delivers maximum comfort and glow, while helping eliminate breakouts, dryness, bad odours and irritation.

Our NEW Smoothie Shower Gels come in 2 crowd-favourite, fruity scents:
Tropical Mango and Lychee & Dragonfruit

5. Exfoliating enzymes

We’re all about a multi-tasking beauty prod and a body wash shouldn’t just cleanse, but also smooth, soften and revitalise the skin. So, while you probably don’t need to scrub every time you jump in the shower, a wash that boosts skin cell turnover with exfoliating enzymes should be your daily glow-to!

Packed with fruit enzymes from papaya and mango, plus buffing coconut flower sugar, the Coco & Eve Smoothie Shower Gels gently slough skin and unclog pores. Your unBalievably soft, smooth skin awaits! 

Take your skin to paradise with our new Smoothie Shower Gels! Launching in our iconic Coco & Eve scents of Tropical Mango (for the Sunny Honey fans) and Dragonfruit & Lychee (for our Glow Figure gang), our botanical body washes are 100% vegan, free from nasties and bursting with tropical goodness. For first dibs and more info on the coming launch, don't forget to sign up to our waitlist below!



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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Vidhya


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04 Sep, 2021

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