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10 Shampoo & Conditioner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

10 Shampoo & Conditioner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Think you’ve got hair washing nailed? Think again. According to the experts, most of us are doing it wrong. From skimping on water to neglecting our scalps, shampooing mistakes are super common. And as for conditioner? Turns out we’re not so great with that, either…

Instead of hiding your lacklustre locks under a baseball cap, read on! Here are 10 shampoo and conditioning mistakes you’re probably making – and the easy ways to fix them for ah-mane-zing results!

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5 Common Shampooing Mistakes

The first part of the washing process, shampoo’s main purpose is to cleanse the scalp and hair – from root to tip. And for hair that looks and feels fresh and fabulous, it’s important to get it right. Avoid these five common shampooing mistakes, and you’re halfway there!

#1. Using the wrong shampoo for your scalp

Dry strands need an ultra-nourishing shampoo, right? Not necessarily. When selecting shampoo, you should actually choose based on your scalp and root situation. Which, believe it or not, can be quite different to what’s happening at your ends. 

For a healthy head of hair, first consider whether your scalp is oily, dry or normal – then choose the formula to match. Confused? This article on choosing the right shampoo for your hair type outlines the different scalp types and their shampoo soulmates. You’re welcome.

#2. Not starting with sopping wet hair

Before you slap on your shampoo, hold your horses. You need to make sure each strand is dripping wet before you squeeze on your prods. This means taking a minute or two to ensure you mop is good and drenched, so your shampoo’s cleansing agents can get evenly distributed. This is essential to ensure you’re effectively removing dirt, oils and product build up from all sections of your hair. Easy peasy.

#3. Not concentrating on the scalp

For hair that looks clean and feels fresh, focus on your scalp and roots when shampooing. This is where you’ll find most of the dirt and oil build up, and it’s actually the area shampoo is designed to target. (Conditioner, on the other hand, is made for your mid-lengths and ends. But more on that later.)

To give your shampoo a head start, create a rich lather by massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips*. Doing this for a couple of minutes will not only enhance cleansing, it will stimulate your scalp and promote a healthy hair growth environment. Plus, it’s super relaxing! 

* You can also use a Hair Shampoo Brush – like the one included with our new Super Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle!

#4. Only lathering up once

As a general rule, for a thorough clean and shiny, voluminous strands, you need to lather, rinse and repeat. This is especially the case if you have fine, oily hair, or use a bunch of styling prods. The first wash is similar to the makeup remover step of your evening routine. It removes all the products on your skin, or in this case hair. But if you want to go beyond the surface to remove dirt and oils? You need to follow it up with a second cleanse.


#5. Using a shampoo with sulfates 

If you’re using a mass-market shampoo from the supermarket or pharmacy, it probably contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These incredibly common surfactants (detergents) are used in countless beauty products because of their ability to create a rich, cleansing foam – at a low cost. 

However, they’re also drying and can cause irritation for sensitive scalps. For this reason, we never formulate with them at Coco & Eve – and recommend you show your hair you care with sulfate-free products. Such as? Our NEW Super Hydrating Shampoo, which gently-but-powerfully cleanses with soap nut, coconut oil and fruit enzymes ☺.

5 Common Conditioner Mistakes

While shampoos cleanse, conditioners moisturise, detangle and enhance softness, strength and shine. So, for locks that rock, steer clear of these crimes against conditioning.



#1. Choosing the wrong conditioner for your hair type

While you should select shampoo for your scalp and roots, you need to choose conditioner for your mid-lengths and ends. While those with fine strands should look for lightweight, volumising formulas that won’t weigh hair down, dry, coarse and curly mops require a richer, more moisturising conditioner. 

And if colouring and heat styling has left your hair weak, damaged and brittle? Reach for a fortifying formula, such as our new Super Hydrating Conditioner – which helps reduce breakage by 65%. Ultra-nourishing and packed with pea protein to strengthen stressed strands, it’s like a superfood smoothie for thirsty locks. See ya round, split ends!

#2. Applying conditioner to your roots

As your scalp naturally produces its own lubricating oils, it really doesn’t need a double dose. This means you should avoid applying conditioner to your roots if you want to prevent a greasy mop – and a lank, lacklustre ‘do. 

Instead, focus your attention on your mid-lengths and ends, combing conditioner through with a wide tooth comb for even distribution. 

#3. Skipping conditioner

If you have oily, fine or limp hair, you might be tempted to skip conditioner. Don’t. All hair types need hydration, and conditioner replenishes any moisture lost while shampooing. Making hair MUCH easier to comb out, it also reduces breakage. 

So long as you steer clear of your roots and choose a silicone-free formula, you’re safe. A hard-to-remove polymer, silicone helps to enhance shine, but over time can weigh hair down and cause dullness and damage. Instead, go for a product that nourishes hair from the inside out. Like our botanical-infused Super Hydrating Conditioner – proven to boost shine (naturally) by 46%.

#4. Using too much conditioner

Just as unhelpful as skipping conditioner, is weighing your hair down with way too much product. A little conditioner goes a long way, and – rather than increasing softness and shine – too much can instead cause build up and dull your strands. 

How much conditioner you use will depend on your hair’s length and texture. Stick with around a 10-cent piece if you have short hair, up to around three times that amount for long locks. Plus, a little more again if your hair’s super thick.

#5. Not rinsing with cold water

If you want hair that really shines, never skip the final cold (or at least cool) water rinse.  This helps to close the cuticle (which will have opened due to the heat of the shower), for smooth, glossy, gorgeous results. 

Happy hair washing, beauties!


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Written By: Pip Jarvis 

Edited by: Vidhya


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19 Jun, 2021

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